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Hello, Unless you can prove your descend from the Romanov family I think it's wise not to claim yourself as being a member of the Imperial House. Deniz | Talk 08:27, 17 November 2014 (UTC)

Says the one claiming to be a Roman Emperor... ADAMVS PRIMVS IMPERATOR (talk) 18:38, 17 November 2014 (UTC)
Well, I claim the title, not the legitimate descend of a dynasty like the House of Romanov. Deniz | Talk 21:25, 17 November 2014 (UTC)
Guys, why are we even discussing it? I know who wrote this "article", it's a Thai scammer claiming to be the descendant of Romanovs. He already tried to bring his shit to the wiki several months ago, Ciprian deleted it quickly. He's not even able to spell the motto without mistakes, lol. --Yaroslav (talk) 21:29, 17 November 2014 (UTC)

Reply from the creator of the page: I want to clear some points,because i'm angry that my page was cancelled without a reason. Dear Yaroslav,i don't know who are you,and why you said that you know me,but i'm sorry i'm not a thai scammer,but i'm an italian man,living in Italy,and i'm not a scanner.Please ask to moderators,they will give you my ip address,or if i need i can also show my identity card in videocall,if this is necessary. Dear SiroccanGov,your reason for delete my page is an allusion at what Yaroslav said?If yes,i repeat that i'm not a thai scammer,and please give me a GOOD and REAL reason,tell me why my page should be deleted. Dear Deniz and dear EmperorAdamI,i never said that i'm claming to be part of Romanov family,I just choose this surname as official surname of Tsar of this micronation.Maybe Romanov is a copyright surname,and only the royal family have it?Have you never heard about homonymy? I repeat,i'm not claming to be part of Romanov royal family,this is just surname of Tsar of my micronation (every King,dictator or also normal citizen have the right to can change his name,so why my Tsar can't?),and i repeat that i'm not a thai scammer,my ip address and my identity card can prove it. I'm waiting for a reply from Deniz,Yaroslav,EmperorAdamI and expecially from SiroccanGov,with excuses for me,i'm so angry that my page was deleted without contact me before to do it.There are thousand of micronation pages in MicroWiki,where people said that is just a game micronation or that are totally fantasy,reclaming territories like in U.S.A.,New Zealand,South Africa,U.K...Places where there are already cities,and that the Country that have sovereignty on these place NEVER will approve an independent Country.Why these micronation pages are still active?And why my micronation page,reclaming a remote island that haven't population,haven't cities,haven't nothing,was deleted? I'm waiting for a quickly reply,quickly as how was for deleting my page.

Dear "Creator of the Page", indeed you've never said you that you claim to be part of the Roman family. However you have named yourself as being "Nicholas III Romanov"; As currently the Romanov's operate a Imperial House-in-Exile, I dare say they won't like it if someone randomly uses their family name. Personally I can not see any other way to interpret naming yourself Romanov as not claiming to be a member of the Romanov Imperial House. This is like saying you use the House name Windsor but don't claim to be a member of this house. Certainly you may change your name but I'd advise you not to use the name of royal or imperial houses. Thus I see no reason for me to apologize whatsoever, i've just stated you with my opinion. Deniz | Talk 15:22, 18 November 2014 (UTC)

I don't asked for excuses from you,i respect your opinion,and i think that both we have reason,i can understand your opinion but i repeat that is just homonymy,it isn't a registered brand.I could understand if surname was Microsoft,Apple,Volkswagen or another brand/name with copyright,but i don't think that is forbidden to use Romanov like surname,expecially for a virtual micronation like this. I want excuses from Yaroslav,he's a scammer,because he said that i was a thai scammer and blablabla... And also from SiroccanGov,that deleted this page because the message of Yaroslav (reason of deletion is: "Haven't we seen you round these parts before?" that is a pure allusion at what Yaroslav said in his message in this talk page,and it's totally false,Yaroslav defamed me),believing completely at what Yaroslav said,without contact me before for see if Yaroslav said the truth. Since the reason of the deletion of this page isn't valid,i ask for have immediatelly back the page online. For can meet the position of Deniz,also if i'm not agree with you,i ask to the moderator to change name of the micronation into Tsardom of Mednyi.I will change also the name of the royal family of my micronation,from Nicholas III Romanov to Fabrizio I of Mednyi,changing also national flag and coat of arms.So everyone is happy.

Updating: I've tried to contact Yaroslav in his official talk page,asking him to come here and solve this situation,because he said false things about me,and because his words this page was deleted,but he removed 2 times my message in his talk page. This is a very bad action from Yaroslav,you're a scammer and i hope that someone from the staff will take action on you.

I've restored the page. The reason Daniel gave was not a good one; Yaroslav, would you mind providing some - any - proof at all to back up your claim that this guy's a Thai scammer, beyond the fact that he uses "Romanov" (I'm not quite sure what the link is...)? I expect admins to look into allegations such as this in the future and not just blindly accept them. The page can certainly be improved, and due to the territorial and demographic claims I've added the Fantasy template, but I see no grounds for deletion. Austenasia (talk) 15:52, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

Even if it's a different person, he still remains a scammer - doesn't matter if Thai or Italian, a person who claims 5000 citizens without having them misleads the public, and thus is definitely a scammer. Also I suggest that you take a look at the page again, the guy whom you're defending removed the Fantasy template that you added, and added an article about the scammer being myself - one more proof for my suspicions. Reminds me of Klaassen-White... --Yaroslav (talk) 18:19, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

Thanks Austenasia,finally a good admin!!! As how i said,i can prove that i'm not a thai scammer,the admins can see from my ip address,and i can also do a videocall showing my identity card that says that i'm an italian man,living in Italy. You said a good thing,admins should check if the reason if true,contacting the creator of the page (thing that SiroccanGov don't did). However,as how i've promised at Deniz,i will update this page with the change of denomination.

Yaroslav,is better if you shut up,because you're continuing to say only false things.
First,i've removed that template because i've changed it with defunct micronation template,so don't say another lie.
Second,yes i wrote about you,because the page was deleted because one your lie,and Austenasia said that is true,the reason was because your lie,so it wasn't a good reason.
Third,i'm not claiming 5000 real persons,but 5000 potential persons,that is very different.
Fourth,if you're still suspicious about me,give me your skype id,so we can do a videocall and you can see my italian identity card,or ask at an admin about from what country is my ip address.

A micronation becoming defunct doesn't make it not fictional, please borrow some logic from somewhere.
I'm not getting into this rag about "potential citizens" or whatever, the article says "Population ~5.000 (November 2014 census)" - nothing more. What on earth can this mean other than claiming to have about 5000 citizens?
Finally, I said I don't care about your indentity - doesn't matter if Thai or Italian, you still remain a scammer abusing the good name of the Russian Empire, shamelessly styling yourself as "Nicholas III Romanov", adopting the imperial symbols and making a claim of having 5000 citizens - while I can bet the only "citizen" is yourself. That you so quickly renamed it and adopted a new alias shows how much of a rubbish this sore excuse for a micronation is.
Oh, and for the sake of God, learn how to sign your messages and take some grammar lessons. --Yaroslav (talk) 20:41, 19 November 2014 (UTC)
Okay Yaroslav, fine, he claimed 5000 citizens he clearly doesn't have. That's why I added the Fantasy template. It doesn't mean he's a scammer, and it doesn't give you an excuse to address him in the manner you did. I'm somewhat embarrassed that a newcomer to this wiki has been bullied into abandoning his first attempt at micronationalism due to such hostility and unfounded allegations. My sincere apologies, Fabriziodg91. Most of the other members of the community are a lot friendlier and I'm sure would have been willing to help you develop your micronation rather than throw criticism and random accusations at you. However, now that Romanovgrad is defunct, I must say that I think it would be best to delete the article; there's unfortunately no point keeping up a page on a virtual micronation that only lasted one day. Again, I'm very sorry about the reception you got here. Austenasia (talk) 20:53, 19 November 2014 (UTC)
Sorry Jonathan, but that's definitely not his first attempt: at the very least, he also founded some People's Republic of Hashima (which too has 5000 citizens), some United States of Antarctica (with 123.000 citizens), and a certain Federal Republic of Rasshua with 5000 citizens as well. And hardly this counts as "bullying into abandoning", as we speak he already made an article German Reich of Mednyi - guess how many citizens this time. I think also is worth mentioning that this guy apparently vandalized Wikipedia and almost got blocked - see link. Doesn't at all look like a peaceful newcomer for me. --Yaroslav (talk) 21:13, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

Thanks for your words Austenasia,you're very friendly and you're a man with who is possible to discuss and find a solution.
I'm not saying this because you're the first one (and only one) that listen to me about this situation,but i repeat because you're the only one that don't attack,but moderate.
I'm not so new here in this website,i'm also the President of the People's Republic of Hashima,and that micronations is a little bit popular in the website,i've also created the United Micronations and the Organization of Asian Micronations,so as you can see i've alredy did something for the micronationalism world.This time was only a try for see if a Tsardom micronation could was appreciate by someone other,but seem that i've found only hostility,so i accept your advice,please delete this article so this sad story can end finally without continuing with insults.
However,here are my last replies to Yaroslav (also if you don't deserve them): 1) I sign my messages and i do my editing as how i want,not how you want,sorry;
2) If you will give a better look,expecially into Cities section,you will see that since the creation of the page there was writed Potential population,so i don't cheated no one,i was honest and clear since the first day;
3) I repeat,Romanov is not a registered brand with copyright,so everyone in every part of world can freely change his name (expecially in a micronation) into Nicholas III Romanov,because it isn't a registered brand.Exists a thing,called homonymy,there are thousand of people around world that have my surname and aren't members of my family,the same is for you and for everyone in world.I never claimed to be member of Romanov family,and Nicholas III Romanov is only a fantasy member,there isn't a member of Romanov family with this name,and also in past never been a man with this name.Also,Royal family of Russia is officially "House of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov",and the actual pretendants are Dimitri Romanovich Romanov and Maria Vladimirovna,so as you can see,like only Romanov officially your opinion isn't correct.The imperial symbol isn't exactly the same of the Tsardom of Russia,because is edited,have free license and isn't property of the Royal House of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov.
4) I changed denominations only in order to prevent this situation from occurring again,for prevent from people that just want to say lies,like how you did.I was perfectly able to continue this page,you should appreciate my act.
5) Using only evident probes that everyone can read from this discussion,the only one that is a scammer is you,because you wrote a message sayin that i was "a thai scammer that you know,and that i tried to bring me shit to the wiki several months ago".Thanks at your big lie,an admin,SiroccanGov,deleted the page,giving as reason of the deletion your words.And since that i never cheated people because i never claimed to be part of the Royal Family of Russia,and since that i never said that my micronation have a real population of 5000 (i said potential,not real),and since the only true thing is your big're the only one scammer in this page.Sorry,you should try to accept it,without to attack with inconsistent probes;
6) I asked for excuses from you,because from your big lie the page was deleted without a good reason.I'm still waiting for your excuses;
7) I did a master on english language,with a Certificate from the IELS (International English Language School) of Malta,and i also teached english in Liverpool at some foreign persons during one my trip there,and my english skills surely are better than yours,so please stop to say only lies.
8) Please,STOP TO ATTACK ME!!!Again give a look about POTENTIAL POPULATION!!!!People's Republic of Hashima have a POTENTIAL population of 5000 persons (POTENTIAL,exactly how much Hashima had when there was people there,i repeat POTENTIAL!),German Reich of Mednyi have writed potential population on menu in right and also in cities section.Rasshua and Antarctica have writed it in cities section since the creation of the pages,and now i've added it also on the menu on right,for people like you (oh,sorry,only for you that don't read the whole page,expecially cities/region section,where there's writed since creation of the page that is POTENTIAL).And there's in all my pages the sign ~,that mean ABOUT,and i repeat again the word POTENTIAL,you seem to don't know this word,try to open your dictionary.
9) My account never received a block/ban!You writed a link about Wikipedia!I tried to write there a page about my micronation,and they deleted it because simply was a micronation,not because i am a vandal (another your attack at me,you're very bad and again another lie about me).
10) An admin,a correct one,should ban you because your repeated attacks at my person.

Well, I guess this gonna be my last reply to you as well. Interesting that you're going to sign your messages and use wiki styling only if you want, last I checked it's a requirement here. "Potential population", whatever is that, is absolute rubbish - and I don't see the word "potential" here anyway.
A person with the name of Nicholas III Romanov does exist, and not as a fantasy member - that being the Prince Karl Emich of Leiningen, pretender to the Russian Throne - maybe you should check some facts before arguing. Even if you didn't explicitly claim to belong to the House of Romanov, you definitely were misleading the public by using the name of an existing pretender and adopting the Imperial insignia (doesn't matter if you altered them a bit). So forget it if you want from me an apology.
"I did a master on english language,with a Certificate from the IELS (International English Language School) of Malta,and i also teached english in Liverpool at some foreign persons during one my trip there,and my english skills surely are better than yours,so please stop to say only lies." - cool story bro, next time ask someone to correct your grammar, if you want to make it look credible.
An admin on Italian Wikipedia gave you a warning for vandalism, prove me wrong if you can. Indeed you were not banned, but it says that you will be, should you continue destructive behavior. I know Italian, you wouldn't fool me - ktxbai. --Yaroslav (talk) 22:21, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

Again,you're free to ask at Wikipedia why they deleted my page on Wikipedia,because they don't accept my micronation page,not for vandalism!
Here there's the alert that i received from Wikipedia in 21 september:
"Gentile Fabriziodg91, l'invito a contribuire in modo costruttivo alla stesura di Wikipedia è rivolto a tutti, ma inserire voci e/o commenti inventati, privi di informazioni, senza senso o non contestualizzati (come nella voce Regno Antartico) è considerato vandalismo e potresti essere bloccato in scrittura senza ulteriori avvertimenti. Se intendi fare qualche prova, usa la pagina delle prove. Grazie."
You said that you know italian,so as you can read,the vandalism word was used by Wikipedia because they don't accept my page,that was Antarctic Kingdom thinking just that is an invented thing,and everyone knows about how Wikipedia works.As you can read,it wasn't vandalism like destroying pages of other persons,or other,just simply my page wasn't good for Wikipedia.And Microwiki luckly isn't Wikipedia about micronations,so i don't see why talk about this.
They just warned me that they don't want micronations pages,and if i did it again they blocked only my writing tool,so isn't true what you said about the block of my account,you said another big lie.
Again,i don't need to look credible nothing,i'm a pro in english language,my certificate is avaible for everyone that want to see it,just ask for my skype id
Oh,and this Nicholas III Romanov was a member of the royal house of the micronation that i created?Oh wow,my Tsar had an homonym ancestor.Again,this russian royal family isn't part of the royal family of the micronation that now isn't more active,i repeat again that Nicholas III Romanov of the Tsardom of Romanovgrad ISN'T a member of the russian royal family,also because was just a cerimonial name used by the head of state of the micronation,i'm free to call my head of state with the name that i want (like 2q5230958092,moon,solar system,also with your full name and surname,because aren't registered brand,the only names that i can't use are names with copyright,like Enzo Ferrari,that is a car of Ferrari,Giorgio Armani that is a famous clothing brand,or names like Aston Martin,i repeat with copyright).
The imperial insignia that i used isn't property of the royal family of russia,so again i don't cheated,and i invite you to buy eyeglasses if you don't see the word POTENTIAL on my articles,seem that you're blind only for this word.
And again,how i want to use microwiki,about styles and so on,it's me to decide,not you!