Sydney Knight

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His Excellency
Sydney Knight
1st President of Virardius
Assumed office
21 March 2022
Prime Minister Lucas de Tropicana
Predecessor Office established
Constituency Bosa (100%)
1st Chairman of the VIRSOC Party
Assumed office
21 March 2022
Predecessor Office established
Born  United Kingdom
Birth name Sydney Knight
Citizenship  Virardius

 United Kingdom

Nationality British
Political party Virardian Socialist Party
Religion Atheist
Military service
Service/branch Armed Forces of Virardius
In service 2022 - Present
Rank Grand Admiral
General of the Army
Marshal of the Air Force
Commands Commander-in-Chief

His Excellency President Sydney Knight is a Virardian politician and micronationalist. Sydney has been serving as the President of Virardius since 2022.

Personal life

Sydney was born in the United Kingdom. He is learning to speak a range of languages including German, Portuguese, Esperanto and Mandarin.

He was diagnosed with autism at age 15 and is also a vegetarian.

Micronational Life

Since 2022 Sydney has been the President of Virardius as well as the Chairman of the VIRSOC Party.


National Awards

Awards from the Republic of Virardius or ones that Sydney sits as chair of.

Award Class
Hero of Virardius Grand Master


"Distributism is basically Right-Wing Communism." - Sydney on 24 March 2022

"Yeppers" - Sydney quoting Michael Scott on 24 March 2022

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