Virardian Socialist Party

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Virardian Socialist Party
ChairmanSydney Knight
SecretaryNone Appointed
SpokespersonNone Appointed
FounderSydney Knight
Founded21 March 2022
Registered21 March 2022
Legalised21 March 2022
HeadquartersBosa, Republic of Virardius
Youth wingVIRSOC Youth
Inner WingInner Party
Outer WingOuter Party
Membership (2022)2
IdeologyVirardian Socialism
ColoursRed, White, Black

The VIRSOC Party, officially the Virardian Socialist Party, is an active totalitarian political party ruling the Republic of Virardius.


The VIRSOC Party was established on 21 March 2022 by Sydney Knight.


The party is well organised to be an efficiently working and governing party.


The Party consists of three committees:

  • Executive Committee - Leaders of the Party
  • Inner Party - Exclusively for the Party's Loyalist Members
  • Outer Party - For Regular Party Members


Executive Committee

The Party is lead but the Executive Committee. This consists of all senior party members including the Chairman, Spokesman and Party Secretary. The Committee makes all executive decisions with regards to all aspects of the party.


The Chairman is the executive authority of the Party and chairs the Executive Committee and may make all final decisions. The chairman is also always the President of Virardius.

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