Chairman of the VIRSOC Party

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Chairman of the VIRSOC Party
Prezidanto de la VIRSOC Partio
Sydney Knight

since 21 March 2022
Executive Committee of the VIRSOC Party
StyleMr Chairman
Member ofVirardian Socialist Party
Reports toExecutive Committee of the Party
Term lengthLife Tenure
Formation21 March 2022
First holderSydney Knight
DeputySecretary of the VIRSOC Party

The Chairman of the VIRSOC Party is the professional head of the Virardian Socialist "VIRSOC" Party.


The role of Chairman originated from when the party was founded on 21 March 2022.


The role of the Chairman includes but is not limited to:

  • Appointing Executive Committee Members
  • Appointing Members of the Inner Party
  • Creating Party Policy
  • Creating Party Manifestos

The Chairman is also typically the President of Virardius.


Typically the Outgoing Chairman nominates a replacement. In events of this not happening then the Executive Committee appoints a member from the Committee or Inner Party.

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