Hero of Virardius

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Hero of Virardius is the highest honour and national title that can conferred upon civilian and military personnel as well as being the highest honour in the Virardian honours system.

The title is awarded in two distinct classes. The civilian Order of State and the military Order of the Gold Star.

Hero of Virardius
Medal of the Hero of the Virardius
Awarded by the President of Virardius
EligibilityCitizens of Virardius
CriteriaHeroism and Labour Achievements
FounderSydney Knight
Grand MasterSydney Knight
ChancellorNone Appointed
ClassesGrand Master
Order of the Gold Star
Order of State
Total inductees0
Next (higher)None


The honour was first established on 25 March 2022 by President Sydney Knight to commend Virardian Civilians and soldiers for significant efforts contributing to the nation.


To be eligible for the honour the following is required:

  • Virardian Citizenship
  • Commit an Act of Heroism and/or Labour Achievements


Class Post Nominals Insignia
Grand Master (held by President) GMHOV N/A
Order of the Gold Star HOV N/A
Order of State HOV N/A

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