State of Ashukovo

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State of Ashukovo
Штат Ашукова
Πολιτεία του Ασουκόβο
Flag of the State of Ashukovo.png
CoA of the State of Ashukovo.png
Coat of arms
Official languagesAshukov
GovernmentFederal one party presidential republic
• President
Manolis Afentoulis
• Formed
2 January 2018
• Absorbed by Mouzilo
27 January 2018
• 2018 census
CurrencyAshukov denar (de jure)
Euro(de facto)

The State of Ashukovo (Ashukov: Штат Ашукова, Greek: Πολιτεία του Ασουκόβο) was a short-lived successor of the Ashukov Federation between 2 and 27 January 2018. It was established as a single party federal state at a time the Ashukov Federation was considered defunct. 25 days after its foundation, it was absorbed by its only constituent state and sole independent Ashukov successor state at the time, Mouzilo.



The national symbols of the State predate its establishment, the reason being that talks about a breakaway Ashukov state had taken place not long after the 2017 Presidential election. In the days leading to the elections, several members of the governing National Liberty Party had discussed the possibility of Ashukov accession in the Holy Roman Empire. The Commitee of the Conservative Party, the official opposition at the time and ideologically opposed to such a scenario, adopted Party Resolution 001 on the 10th of June, describing that in the event of an Ashukov membership in the HRE, the States of Mouzilo and Akebar (both administered by Conservative governors) would secede and form an independent federal republic. Believing that such an event would be imminent, a new Coat of Arms based on that of the Patriots' Society of Ashukovo, a Conservative Party organ, was designed. The Coat of Arms was revealed on the 13th of June 2017 between party members, with the provisional name used for the project being "Federal Republic of Ashukovo".

The accession Ashukovo in the HRE never occurred, however, and the concept was dropped altogether. Eventually, under President Huff activity in Ashukovo rapidly declined, beginning at June 2017 and by October the Federation was considered by many.

Establishment of the State

The state of Mouzilo, desiring to continue operating but yet still under Ashukov constitutional authority, unilaterally declared independence on 16 December 2017, at a time that Ashukov activity had ceased. Not wanting to abandon the work done on the culture of Ashukovo, such as its language, the state's governor (or, officially, its Basileus) formed on the 2nd of January 2018 the Ashukov State. Initially designed to be a unitary republic of which Mouzilo would be a region, it was finally decided that Ashukovo would be a single party federal republic, to avoid constitutional confusion. With a population of 4, the majority of which were Greek, the Russian language was dropped and a new flag was designed straying away from a slavic tricolor design and emphasizing on the light blue color, without, however, removing red which had been part of the Ashukov flag since its establishment in 2014.

Seemingly unaware of each other, the Ashukov State and the Ashukov Federation briefly coexisted: in January 2018 Edward Jacobs assumed power in the Federation, the first political event since June 2017.[1] Despite that move, activity didn't resume and things did not go as expected in the State either.

The nation didn't last long. With Mouzilo being the only active state and the growing emphasis on Hellenic culture, as well as the essential incompatibility of the federal Republican system and the monarchy found in Mouzilo, the latter eventually absorbed Ashukovo. Until it joined Austenasia a year later, Mouzilo considered itself as the sole independent state carrying the legacy of Ashukovo.

Ashukovo was reestablished (or, under variant views, resumed) in April 2020 as a unitary republic.


  1. Jacobs returns to Presidency. Ashukovo's Official Twitter feed. January 12, 2018

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