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—  Capital City  —
Επικράτεια Πρωτευούσης Πόλεως Αγιουπόλεως
Capital City Territory of Hagiopolis


Coat of arms
Country Rhomania Flag.png Rhomania
 - Basileus and Autokrator Emmanuel I & II
Population (2020)
 - Total 3
Demonym Hagiopolitan
Time zone GMT +3
Official languages Greek
Patron saint All Saints

Hagiopolis (Greek: Ἁγιούπολις, Hagioupolis) alternatively called in English as Hagiople or Hagioupolis, is a major town in Rhōmanía, serving as the nation's administrative center and one of its two capitals, the other being Analipsis. The town was founded in 2009 and predates the foundation of Mouzilo, Rhōmanía's legal predecessor.

The town serves as the administrative center of the nation and is directly administered by the Crown of Rhōmanía. Its entire land area of 48.95 m² is occupied by the Imperial Palace, one of the three palaces in the nation. Like the majority of Romaean possessions, it is not open to the public and visits are only possible after an official invitation.