Kingdom of Mouzilo

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Kingdom of Mouzilo
Ρηγάτο του Μουζήλου (Greek) [1]

Coat of Arms of Mouzilo.png
Coat of Arms

Ἀεὶ ὁ Θεὸς ὁ μέγας γεωμετρεῖ.
God the Great always geometrizes.
Kontakion of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos

Official language(s)Greek
Official religion(s)Greek Orthodox Church
- KingEmmanuel II
Established19 May 2012
CurrencyMouzeliot Drachma (₯)
Euro (€)
Time zoneGMT +2
National drinkWine
National animalDouble-Headed Eagle
Patron saintVirgin Mary, St. George
Historical affiliations
 • Flag of Greece.png Greece - 2012

 • Flag of Kingdom of Mouzilo.png Kingdom of Mouzilo 19 May 2012 - 13 Dec 2012

 • MouziloFlag.png Mouzilo Empire 13 Dec 2012 - 15 Dec 2013

UEMM flag.png part of the United Empire 7 Apr 2013 - May 2013

KekropiaFlag.png part of Kekropia 15 Jul 2013 - 7 Aug 2013

 • MouziloFlag.png Democratic Republic of Mouzilo 15 Dec 2013 - 11 Oct 2014

Ashukovo flag.png part of the Ashukov Federation 15 Dec 2013 - 11 Oct 2014

 • MouziloFlag.png State of Mouzilo 11 Oct 2014–present

Flag of the Tsardom of Ashukovo.png part of the Tsardom of Ashukovo 11 Oct 2014 - Feb 2015

Thessania Flagg.png part of Thessania 18 Apr 2015 - 2015

Flag of Ashukovo.png part of the Ashukov Federation 19 Jan 2017 - 26 Dec 2017

Flag of Austenasia.svg part of the Empire of Austenasia
14 February 2019 - 25 May 2020

Mouzilo (Greek: Μουζήλο), officially the Kingdom of Mouzilo (Greek: Ρηγάτο του Μουζήλου) is a constituent Kingdom of Rhōmanía. Founded as an independent state in May 2012, Mouzilo's status as an independent state was fully transferred to Rhōmanía, with Mouzilo forming part of the Empire as a self-governing Kingdom.

The current state of Mouzilo and what bore its name prior to 29 May 2020 are separate entities; the present state is reduced in territory and constitutes only part of what was known as the Theme of Mouzilo, an administrative division of the State of Mouzilo. The State reformed into the Basileia of the Romans, whereas the Theme was upgraded to a Kingdom, inheriting the symbols of the former State.

Legal status

Mouzilo is a Kingdom, forming a self-administered part of the Basileia of the Romans. Though a state entity between 2012 and 2020, Mouzilo fully transfered its status as such to Rhomania, with the latter replacing the former for all intents and purposes. Therefore the current state of Rhomania is a direct continuation of the former State of Mouzilo.

A distinction exists between the State of Mouzilo, a former nation, and the Theme of Mouzilo, an administrative subdivision of the said State. What is currently known as the Kingdom of Mouzilo and its territories, was formerly called the Theme of Mouzilo, itself only forming part of the larger State of Mouzilo, which also included other territories. With the replacement of the State of Mouzilo by the Basileia of the Romans, the Theme of Mouzilo was honorarily reorganised into a Kingdom, and all of the State's former national symbols, such as its tricolour flag and coat of arms, were awarded to the newly formed Kingdom.

Simply put, the tranformation can be explained as follows:

Prior to 29 May 2020 After 29 May 2020
MouziloFlag.png State of Mouzilo became Flag of Rhomania.svg Basileía of the Romans
Mouzilo Theme Flag.png Theme of Mouzilo MouziloFlag.png Kingdom of Mouzilo

The current Kingdom of Mouzilo is, however, considered a continuation of the 2012 Kingdom of Mouzilo, as reflected on the regnal numbering of Basileus Emmanuel in his dual capacity as Basileus of the Romans (Emmanuel I) and King of Mouzilo (Emmanuel II).


  1. Mouzilo uses the medieval term Ρηγάτο (rēgato, deriving from the Latin Rex) instead of the modern term Βασίλειο (Basileio) which in the context of Rhomania means Empire