Sorrenian General Election August 2015

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This article is about the Sorrenian General Election of August 2015. For the Presidential Election of August 2015, see Sorrenian Presidential Election, August 2015.

Sorrenian General Election, August 2015
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14/15 seats to the National Assembly
8 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
  SWP.jpg Ndlplogo3.png
Leader Rilgar Ompastre Trystan Cline
Party Sorrenian Workers Party New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia
Leader since 24/08/15 25/08/14
Last election 8 2
Seats won 9 2
Seat change 1 0
Percentage 59% 11%
Swing 2 18

  Third party
Leader Eren Scott
Party White People's Party
Leader since 1/06/14
Last election N/A
Seats won 0
Seat change 0
Percentage 7%
Swing 7%

President before election

Miles of Sorrenia
Sorrenian Workers Party

President after election

Rilgar Ompastre
Sorrenian Workers Party