Socialists (Pinang)

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Socialisti (IT)
Party Guarantor   Esty Carpentieri
General Secretary   David Brooke
Spokesperson   Giancarlo Montale
Founded  1 June 2022
Membership ( )6


Political positionLeft-wing 
National affiliationEcological Socialist Bloc
International affiliation 
Colors  Dark Red
Slogan Freedom is only attainable through equality
Chamber of Deputies
2 / 15
Senate of the Republic
1 / 9
4 / 11
Party flag
[[File: |frameless|upright=0.8]]


Socialists (Italian: Socialisti), was an eco-socialist political party in Pinang. In September 2022, they merged into the Progressive Bloc.


Socialists is a left-wing, progressive and eco- socialist party.  According to the Charter, the party adheres to the precepts of Ecological Socialism, Internationalism, Pacifism and Progressivism.

The Socialist Party of the Fourth Pinangese Republic, heretofore the ‘Party,’ adheres to the precepts of;

-Ecological socialism; securing the protection of the environment and nature, promoting green initiatives and protections.

-Internationalism precept is the development and spread of socialist ideals throughout the world, to enjoin followers of the socialist movement into a unified collective of organisations, and the pursuit of foreign relations to promote the socialist values.

-Pacifism is a staunch belief in diplomacy over aggression, support rather than intimidation and friendship before combatants.

-Progressive policies that promote social equality and justice in education, employment, community health and welfare, and international organisation are the main goals of the socialists.

— Article I of the Socialists' Charter


The party is led by a General Secretary, who coordinates the party with the help of a Spokesperson and the National Committee. The party has also a Party Guarantor, who has to ensure that the ideologies and the policies of the party are adhered to. The Executive Commitee is elected by a vote of the membership every nine months. The current General Secretary is David Brooke, while Giancarlo Montale is the Spokeperson and the office of Party Guarantor is held by Esty Carpentieri.

National Executive Committee

Name Portrait Role
Esty Carpentieri Party Guarantor
David Brooke General Secretary
Giancarlo Montale Spokesman
Lorenzo Marquez Member of the Executive Committee
Emerson Lee Member of the Executive Committee

Electoral Results