Social Democratic Party of Elysium

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Social Democratic Party of Elysium
General SecretaryJames Christian
Deputy SecretaryMerk Brandt
Deputy SecretaryWarren Wright
SloganFor Commoners and King!
FoundedAugust 16, 2021
Merger ofLiberal Party of Elysium Social Democratic and Monarchist Party
Membership  (2021)~10
Political positionCentre left
Official colors     Red
Executive Positions
3 / 13
Grand Senate
4 / 34
Commonwealth Senate Seats
5 / 31

The Social Democratic Party of Elysium, colloquially known as the Social Democrats, abbreviated as the SDP is a federal political party in Elysium. It was formed in 2021 due to the merger of the Liberals and Social Democratic Monarchist. The party sits at the center left of the Elysiumite political spectrum, with their primary federal opponents, the Progressives positioned to their left and the Nationalist Democrats positioned to their right. The Social Democratic Party is considered an alliance of individuals who support Social Democracy and generally centre-left politics, The party's leader is James Christian, who serves as Deputy Prime Minister.

The Social Democratic Party is one of the three major parties in Elysium. Despite this it is the smallest of the three major parties, the others being the aforementioned Progressives and Nationalist Democrats.

Electoral Performances

Before Merger

Electoral history of the Liberal Party note: only in the form of Grand Senate Elections
Election Date Place Seats Percentage Government
Ninth Senate Election July 18, 2020 Fourth Place
2 / 22
10.3% Progressive-Liberal
Tenth Senate Election October 18, 2020 Fifth
1 / 21
0.0% 10.3% Progressive-Liberal
Eleventh Senate Election January 18, 2021 Fourth
1 / 27
2% 2% Progressive
Twelfth Senate Election April 17, 2021 Fourth
2 / 34
8% 6% Progressive
Thirteenth Senate Election April 17, 2021 Third
2 / 34
7% 1% Progressive-Liberal