Shaoshan (City)

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City of Shaoshan
—  City  —

Country Flag of Sonora.jpg Sonora
State ShaoshanCS Flag.jpg Shaoshan
Established: 3 September 2014
Founder Titus Smith
 - Type City-Manager
 - Body City Council
 - Mayor Julia Smith
Elevation 4 m (13 ft)
Population (March 2018)
 - Total 8
Time zone Sonoran Standard Time (SST)

Shaoshan (or the City of Shaoshan) is a autonomous commune that serves as the capital of the State of Shaoshan. It once served as the capital of both the nations of Shaoshan, until its incorporation as part of Sonora and remained Sonora's capital until January 5, 2018. Shaoshan was once the founding city-state and autonomous commune that later spawned the greater Republic of Shaoshan. It served as the official capital of the Republic from its founding on February 8 to late October 2015. During the Restoration of the Republic, the city was divided between the Republicans and Monarchists while neighboring Marxia sided with the Republican government and soon became the new regional force that once was the "Greater Shaoshanian Region" as a state. Shaoshan became Marxia's capital. In October 2015, the Land Claims Act and the Seat of Government Act declared that Shaoshan would lose its claim as the legislative capital but was allowed to remain the symbolic administrative and economic capital. In November 2015, it was announced that Marxia would split to reestablish its old city-state and Shaoshan was granted its own autonomy as a federated state itself; it reunified with Marxia in January 2016. Shaoshan would once more become the main capital of the Republic in April 2016 when the autocratic regime of Titus Smith returned it to the city. On December 4, 2016, the Republic dissolved and would be absorbed by the Empire of Sonora, becoming the capital of the new Sonoran state. It would remain this way until January 5, 2018, when the government seat moved 600 miles north to Columbia.


Shaoshan was established on August 30, 2014 as the new capital of the former Democratic People's Republic of Costa Dorada, the Shaoshanian Republic's predecessor. Originally known as Mao Zedong City, the city was renamed shortly after and served as the official capital of Costa Dorada until its dissolution on November 30 that same year, following a move of the government from the former city of Sonora. On February 8, 2015, Shaoshan was reestablished as the capital and founding city-state of a new Shaoshanian nation. It remained the capital until the move of the national legislature in October 2015. Shaoshan was the capital of Marxia for a few short months following the Restoration of the Republic, but the two entities split again on November 6, 2015 when Marxia reestablished its city-state and Shaoshan formed its own. On January 28, 2016, Shaoshan and Marxia reached an official agreement and reunified under one state, following weeks of talks. The City briefly lost its seat of power as the government capital from October 2015-April 2016 before being reestablished as the central capital. On December 4, 2016, the Republic of Shaoshan dissolved and the city became the imperial capital of the Empire of Sonora and continuing through its socialist revolution. It would remain the capital of Sonora until the government seat moved to Columbia.


Shaoshan is influenced heavily by the old Republic's culture and politics and therefore many aspects of the territory are Shaoshanian while mixing this with its Sonoran roots. This includes its traditional and unique California roots in the Bay Area, its unique linguistics and speech, food, etc. These influences are a culture clash of Americanization as well as Mexican and Asian culture, primarily that of Chinese influence. At its peak, Thirty seven people lived in Shaoshan with the majority of the citizens being stuffed toys or "Stuffies". However, a mass exodus left in November 2017 and the city now has a population of just 8 people.