Sepranan Socialist Party

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Sepranan Socialist Party
Sepranan Sozialistische Partei
LeaderLudwig Collins
FounderLudwig Collins
Founded2 January 2023 (2023-01-02) [a]
Dissolved8 April 2023
Preceded bySocialist party
Headquarters Sepranan People’s State
Membership (2023)2
Sepranan Peripheral nationalism
Sepranan Revivalism
Political positionCentre-left to left-wing
ColoursBlue and White
SloganThe Sepranan left will rise again!
Sepranan Congress
2 / 5
Governor of the Sepranan People’s State
1 / 1

The Sepranan Socialist Party (German: Sepranan Sozialistische Partei) was a left-wing political party in the Sepranan People’s State within the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg. It was founded on the 1 February 2023 but claimed the legacy of the Socialist Party (Seprana) founded on the 4 February 2022. It was a branch of Fatherland Front that only operated in Seprana. It held two seats in the Sepranan Congress.

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  1. Claims to be a continuation of the Socialist Party, which was launched on 4 February 2022.
  2. Esty Carpentieri since 22 February 2023.