Second North American Micronational Congress

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The Second North American Micronational Congress was a conference of ambassadors of North American micronations chaired by the European Emperor Wilhelm I, and was held in a Meebo chat room from January 2 until January 27, 2010. Its objective was to settle any issues between North American micronations and to improve micronationalism on the continent. Unfortunately the scheduling was not favorable to some delegates and they had to withdraw, without a certain number to vote the congress was considered a failure and cancelled.


The Congress was called upon by the imperial government of New Europe during a time when the MicroWiki was experiencing a drop in activity. And that New Europe felt it necessary for the micronations in North America should all recognize eachother. Invitations were sent to all of the remaining active micronations based in North America, three of them accepted.

Acts of the Congress

Acts made by the congress are considered legal under international law and were not finalized without the consent of a majority of the delegates.

Territorial Changes

Previously New Europe claimed the entire state of Maryland and both parties consented to the transfer of control of Howard County to Sandus.

Diplomatic Changes

New Europe and Sandus were had severe ideological tensions since the New Euro-Erusian war and with consent of both parties, tensions had been lessened and agreed to strive for improved relations in then near future.


New European Empire - Represented by their head-of-state Wilhelm I, New European Emperor.

Ohio Empire - Represented by their head-of-state Malum I, Emperor of Ohio.

Kingdom of Coleraine - Represented by their head-of-state Seán III, King of Coleraine.

Baronium Sandus - Represented by their head-of-state Guillaume Sœrgèl, Baron of Sandus.

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