Royal Court of Micronations

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Royal Court of Micronations

Coat of Arms

Justice is no longer fiction.

Official language English

Members 4
Judges 2
Lawyers 2
Micronations 1
Third-parties 1
Joined Courts None

Established 18 September 2010

Royal Judge Paweł Dworzycki
High Judge Patryk Adam Bronisz

The Royal Court of Micronations is a judiciary established on September 18, 2010 in order to assist micronations in managing problems both on a national and international level. Organization isn't directly controlled by any micronation, it is controlled by people from micronations.


The Royal Court of Micronations was created by Paweł Dworzycki, in order to maintain justice and order in the micronational world. It hopes to "bring leaders of nations not onto a battlefield, but to a table" and hopes to "replace guns with words".


Royal Judge

The Royal Judge is the main judge of the Court. He can veto the word of any other judge in the court and currently only males can become royal judges. The Royal Judge is decided every 2 years, and voted over by the judges and any micronation leaders that are involved in the Royal Court.

List of Royal Judges

Number Picture Name Nation Term start Term end
1st Paweł Dworzycki Republic of Atlantis September 18, 2010 incumbent

High Judge

The High Judge is the second most important position and he acts as a deputy to the Royal Judge. In the absence of the Royal Judge, the High Judge acts as the Yoral Judge. Both genders can become High Judges, however there can only be one at a time. The High judge is appointed by the Royal Judge, or voted on by other Judges (if Royal Judge allows for it). It is recomemnded to change the High Judge every year, though it is not necessary.

List of High Judges

Number Picture Name Nation Term start Term end
n/a none September 18, 2010 September 19. 2010
1st Patryk Adam Bronisz St.Charlie September 19, 2010 incumbent


Unlike in traditional courts, it is up to a judge to make the outcome of the case, however if more than a single judge have made the outcome. Then the judges are like a jury, the majory votes win, however if it is only tow, or there is no majority then it is up to the High Judge or the Royal Judge to decide.

Only lawyers can become judges, after atleast 1month of service, as a lawyer


Like in a traditional court the lawyers help the 2 sides. Also like a traditional court, it is the lawyers that argue not the sides, however sides can request for independence or a change of lawyer. Independace means that side argues for itself and change of lawyer, does what it sounds like.

You can request to become a lwayer, by filling in the form on the forum.


Like in many micronations the courts are empty, either because they argue over the chat or there is no judge. Well a micronation can move their courts to the Royal Court of Micronatios, thsi way the Royal Court of Micronations will help to decide on the outcome of the case. Micronations can also ask to become a 3rd Party. 3rd Party takes one of their own members and help to argue for either side, or they can stay neutral and ask questions.

Third-Party micronations