Pirate Party of Elysium

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Pirate Party of Elysium
LeaderJohann Kümmel
ChairpersonJohann Kümmel
FoundedApril 7, 2021 (2021-04-07)
Membership (2021)6

Pirate politics Nationalism Leftist Authoritarianism

Political positionBig tent
Colors     Purple
Slogan"Liberty, Solidarity, Democracy, and Independence"
Executive positions
0 / 11
Grand Senate
1 / 34
Commonwealth Senate seats
1 / 32

The Pirate Party of Elysium, commonly known as the Pirates or the Pirate Party, is a federal political party in Elysium. It was formed in 2021. The party sits near the center of the politics of Elysium, drawing in notable leftist such as Johann Kümmel and right-wing libertarian Based Baddie. The party has been led by Johann Kümmel since it was founded and Based Baddie alongside Kümmel co-founded the party. Johann is also the only Grand Senator to be elected as a member of the Pirate Party. The party was founded following an amendment being passed, which banned satirical parties such as the Rhinoceros Party, which Based Baddie had founded.

The electoral history of the party spans one election in which is elected one list Senator, Johann Kümmel, in a surprise upset. The party's predecessor, the Rhinoceros Party, participated in two elections; the most success they saw was following the October 2020 senatorial election, when they won 3 seats for a total of 4 out of 27 seats. For a period of time between the October 2020 and January 2021 elections, Based Baddie acted as the leader of the opposition within the Grand Senate. Following the assumption of Friedrich as leader, the Rhino Party lost 2 seats.