Republic of Munkkia

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Republic of Munkkia
Flag of Munkkia.jpg"An Prait (The Pride)"Emememe.png"Emblem of Munkkia"

"Anthem of The Munk" (Broder, Hold Det Tæt)
Map of Munkkia Territory2.pngRed is Republic, Green is colonial territory
Capital cityAnonsk
Official language(s)Danish, English, Qeelsh, Ýlfamál
Official religion(s)Trakklass
Short nameMunkkia
DemonymMunk, Munkkian
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
- PresidentMathias L. Magnussen
Established7 July 2014
Area claimed40-60 m2
Population5 permanent
Time zoneCET (UTC+1)
National drinkMountain Dew
National animalDucks

The Republic of Munkkia, (IPA /'mɒnkeɪə/) (Danish: Den Selvstændige Republik Munkkia) was a micronation located in Odense, Denmark, with territory in Hoptrup , Denmark aswell as colonial territory. It was officially founded on 7 July 2014 by three students. The nation itself was located in four separate locations in a dorm complex within Odense. Munkkia had five citizens, three of whom worked for the Munkkia Government. The president of Munkkia was Mathias L. Magnussen. Munkkia had its own constitution, its own money, its own stamps and its own bank, along with a soft-gun military, a flag and a coat of arms. The Republic became the Empire of Munkkia in 2015.

History of Munkkia


Main arcticle: The United Nations of Munk

On the 15. June 2014, Jonny Møbjerg, Mathias L. Magnussen and Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen were standing outside of the dorm-complex where they live. Mathias brought up micronations after reading several articles on it, and wanting to start one himself, he brought up the idea of three independent micronations. Jonny and Casper liked the idea a lot, and started working as soon as they returned home. On the same day, Mathias and Jonny has already created a flag, and a plan for their future, and everyone had come up with a name.

Mathias chose The United Republic of Lolk, Casper created `Ýlfalærn and Jonny created Anonystan.

Things went pretty slow between the nations, only a few things were implemented, such as a weapons treaty between Casper and Mathias. It wasn't until the 7. July 2014, almost a month later, that Mathias suggested combining the three nations into one actual micronation. Casper and Jonny agreed, and the Republic of Munkkia was officially formed.


After the formation on 7. July 2014, things took off, and only 4 days later, on the 11. of July 2014, the government infrastructure was created, and Jonny Møbjerg was elected president. Mathias was elected Minister of the Ministry of Media, and Casper was elected Minister of the Ministry of Military. The next few days were spent on writing, planing and growing. On the 17th of July, the first Grand Meeting was held over Skype. At this meeting, it was decided that a military force was necessary, so the Munkkia Army was created, and Casper became the Field Marshall. Mathias became General. Two days later, the National Party was formed, after Mathias realized that he had forgotten to create one before Jonny was elected president.

Munkkia claimed its first outside territory on the 24. July 2014, in Hoptrop, after Munkkia gained a new citizen.

On the 26. July 2014, Munkkia made its first outside relation with the Republic of Dixiestan, an autonomous territory in Oklahoma, USA. An embassy is to be created on the 1. August 2014.

2015 Elections

On the 7th of Janurary, 6 months after the formation of Munkkia, the first official election was held, with Mathias L. Magnussen winning, becoming the new president.

Government of Munkkia

Munkkia is currently controlled by The National Party of Munkkia. The President of Munkkia is Jonny Møbjerg, who was elected into office a day after the formation of Munkkia. The Minister of Military is Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen. The Minister of Media and the Secretary of The National Bank of Munkkia is Mathias L. Magnussen. the President is constitutionally required to have the citizens permission to pass anything within government. Likewise, no major government changes can take place without the permission of the President.

Branches of Government

The government is divided into Ministries, each of which is responsible for specific government activities.

The Ministry of Military is responsible for arms, warfare and anything related to national security. Citizens of Munkkia can also rent an airsoft weapon from the Ministry. The ministry is also responsible for decisions related to warfare within the Army

The Ministry of Media is responsible for anything related to media, such as this Wiki page. The ministry is also responsible for the design of Dre'ader, as well as the design of logos to various ministries. The Ministry was also responsible for the design of the flag and the coat of arms.

The Ministry of Data is a ministry responsible for keeping track of its citizens. It will also be responsible for how much money can be printed. Also if someone is to apply for citizenship, it would be done through this ministry. The ministry is responsible for anything related to numbers.

The Ministry of Diplomacy is responsible for foreign relations between other micronations. Embassadorships deals will be made through this ministry, aswell as communication and other official relations between micronations and Munkkia.

Other branches of government control other areas:

The National Bank of Munkkia is responsible for the currency of Munkkia, Dre'ader. The Bank has issued a 50DRE, 100DRE, 500DRE and a 1000DRE bill, all of which are property of the Bank. Munkkia is working on the production of coins, this project will be lead by Angutivik Casper Runur Tausen Hansen.

Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen handing over a Beretta to President Jonny Møbjerg

Territory and Relations

Munkkia is divided into Four territories; Gaerstan, Xroküð, Anonsk and Hoptrop. The President resides in Anonsk, the Minister of Military resides in Xroküð, which is also where the Munkkia arsenal is. The Vice President and Minister of Media resides in Gaerstan. Munkkia is located in Odense, on the island of Fyn in Denmark. Munkkia has an estimated 40-60 m2 of territory. The Republic resides in a dorm complex.

Diplomatic Mission

The Republic of Munkkia made its first official embassy on the 26th of July 2014 with the Republic of Dixiestan, a small micronation from Oklahoma, USA. An embassy is to be created on the 1st of August 2014. Munkkia announced a Diplomatic Mission on the 24th of July 2014, and publicly requested relations through the Micropress. Munkkia will be open to create new relations, and generally hopes to create as many as possible in the near future.

On the 24th of July 2014, The Republic of Munkkia claimed its first official territory outside of the nation. This was Munkkias first official expansion. Munkkia is always seeking new territory to claim.

On the 1. of September Munkkia made its second diplomatic relation with The Kingdom of Arthur.

Colonial Territory

On the 30th of October 2014, The Republic of Munkkia claimed its first colonial territory. The Province of Southern Munkkia is about 20-30 m2 of grass, officially the backyard of Mathias L. Magnussen. This territory is the first of many future plans for Munkkia to claim as much territory as possible, this plan is known as Operation Empire.


Munkkia is a nation of production. The Dre'ader was introduced on 12 July 2014. It is the official, and currently the only currency in Munkkia. Munkkia also has it's own line of stamps. The Dre'ader features a picture of Jonny Møbjerg on the 50 bill, a picture of Mathias L. Magnussen on the 100 bill and a picture of Angutivik Casper Rúnur Hansen on the 500 bill. A 1000 bill also exists, it has ᛗᚢᚾᚲᚲᛁᚫ (Munkkia in runic letters) on it instead of a picture.

An online version of Dre'ader is also in the works, and will be part of the Munkkia website. Citizens will be able to transfer money into the bank, or make online purchases from other citizens. Dre'ader will be both virtual and real.

The production of a Dre'ader coin has been a topic of discussion in the Munkkian government, but since it's a tough process that would require metals, space and time, it's a later project. 1, 5, 10 and 20 coins would be produced. A 3D printed version of the coin has been discussed, but a metal coin is preferred by all citizens.

Dre'ader is currently not in print, as there is no way of printing them.

Dre'ader is shortened to DRE, so a 50 Dre'ader bill is 50DRE.

Munkkia has currently issued three stamps. On each of the stamps is a picture of the three citizens, with a background of the members homes. The stamps currently serve no real purpose, but hopefully will become useful some day.

Etymology, Mythology and Culture

The national food and drink

Munkkia has four official languages, two of which have not been finished yet. Danish is the national language of Denmark, and English is most commonly used.

Qeelsh was created by Mathias L. and is still not very developed. It is based on Danish, English, German with Old Norse elements. The main purpose of Qeelsh is to make a unique, easy language.

Ýlfamál (now called Ikxeða) was created by Angutivik Casper Runur, as a part of the Trakklass mythology.

Munkkian culture is based significantly around technology, along with Danish and Faroese traditions. Every citizen in Munkkia is familiar with web design and programming, which plays a role in the general atmosphere among citizens.

On 14 July 2014, a vote was made between the citizens on the national food and drink of Munkkia. As of that day, the national drink of Munkkia is Mountain Dew and the national food is potato mash.

The national animal of Munkkia is ducks. Two ducks were seen around Munkkia several times last year, before Munkkia became a nation. The national animal is a tribute to those two ducks.

National days

7 July - This marks the day Munkkia was officially formed. The day is celebrated with Mountain Dew and other activities that have a cultural value with Munkkia.

4 August - This marks the day Munkkian officials reunited at the Nation. The day is celebrated with Mountain Dew and other activities that have a cultural value with Munkkia.


Music plays an important part in Munkkian culture and history. It is very common for the Munkkian government to play music together. Although ukulele is mostly played, the harmonica is also played frequently. The national anthem was written for the harmonica by Mathias L. Magnussen, who plays the harmonica himself. Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen plays ukulele, as does Mathias. President Jonny Møbjerg currently plays no instruments, but it very fond of pianos.

A big part of Munkkian production is currently music, which is played, recorded and shared to the internet. Mathias and Casper recorded and uploaded the National Anthem on the 12th of August 2014. On the 15th of August 2014 the Munkkia National March was played and recorded. The melody was written to encourage soldiers in case of warfare, and is a very simple and emotional melody to play, making it ideal for combat situations.

The National March of Munkkia can be heard here


15 June 2014 - The United Republic of Lolk, Anonystan and Ýlfalærn is created.

7 July 2014 - The Republic of Munkkia is formed.

11 July 2014 - The Goverment infrastructure is formed, and Jonny Møbjerg is elected as president.

14 July 2014 - Mountain Dew is the national drink, potato mash is the national food.

17 July 2014 - The first Grand Meeting was held. The Munkkia Army was formed.

19 July 2014 - The National Party of Munkkia is formed.

24 July 2014 - Territory in Hoptrop claimed, new citizen.

25 July 2014 - Order of the Munk is established.

26 July 2014 - Order of the Trumpeter, Order of the Airsoft and Order of Red and Orange is established.

26 July 2014 - Munkkia creates relations with The Republic of Dixiestan. First embassy established

4 August 2014 - National Holiday to celebrate the unity of the Munkkian government. The Order of Lolk, The Order of Tausen and The Order of Møbjerg are established

26 August 2014 - Mathias L. Magnussen leaves The National Party of Munkkia

28 August 2014 - Mathias L. Magnussen forms The National Alliance of Munkkia

1 September 2014 - Diplomatic relations with The Kingdom of Arthur is voted on and established.

14 September 2014 - Nicolai Marienlund Jensen is the fifth citizen of Republic of Munkkia

28 October 2014 - 2015 Elections were announced

30 October 2014 - Province of Southern Munkkia becomes the first colonial territory in Munkkia.


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