An Prait

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Flag of An Prait
The Pride
See adjacent text.
Name Munkkia Flag
Use National flag of Republic of Munkkia [[File:FIAV national flag of republic of munkkia.svg|x15px|link=|alt=|Vexillological description]]
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 7 July 2014
Design Nordic cross flag with horizontal white cross, #A60002 on the left side and #D8A201 on the right
Designed by Mathias L. Magnussen

An Prait English: The Pride) is the Qeelsh name for the national flag of the Republic of Munkkia. It was adopted on the 7th of August 2014, the same day Munkkia was formed. The design of the flag is a Nordic cross flag with a horizontal, slightly lifted white cross, red on the left and orange/brown on the right. The colors were taken from the flag of Ýlfalærns.

Variations of An Prait & other flags of Munkkia