Munkkia Army

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Munkkia Army
Founded 17 July 2014
Headquarters Kvoqasekéi
General nature Military
Fieldmarshall Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen
General Mathias L. Magnussen
Standard weapons (air-soft)

P90, UA-312, AK-47, Beretta M92FS, 7 fake knives

Munkkia Armed Forces, is the official millitary force of Munkkia. It was formed on 17 July 2014 after the first annual Grand Meeting. The Army was formed because of the threat of warfare within Odense, incase other micronations would be formed. Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen is the field marshall of the Army, he is also the Minister of Military, which is the ministry responsible for warfare within Munkkia. The Army has not been active yet.