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Burklandis, since they are mostly in the United States macronationally, often celebrate US holidays, but in many ways, holidays are like any other day. This is largely because of indifference to these holidays.

List of holidays often celebrated

This is list of holidays often celebrated in Burkland. Foundation Day and Independence Day have not yet been celebrated although it is important to the Burklandi people. Although this is focused on the point of view of the President and his family.

Holiday Date Information
New Years Day 1 January First day of a year
St. Patrick's Day 17 March Celebrates feastday of St. Patrick & Irish heritage
Foundation Day 3 April Celebrates the foundation of the ComradeMr Republic as a start of the Burklandi nation.
Easter changeable The day of the Resurrection. Also a day to get presents and occasionally hunt for easter eggs.
Independence Day 9 July The day when the ComradeMr Republic and Istoria became Burkland and Kuhugstan
Thanksgiving 4th Thursday in November Day to give thanks, celebrating it for the arrival of pilgrims is controversial.
Christmas 25 December Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ although often secularly.
New Year's Eve 31 December Last day of a year, often celebrated by staying up and sparkling cider.

List of proposed holidays

The president proposed having holidays not widely celebrated by the United States as a method of cultural independence. These are:

Holiday Date Information
Walter Reed Day 13 September Celebrates Walter Reed as a man important to helping the reduction of yellow fever. Also celebrating the fight against diseases.
Leif Erikson Day 20 October Celebrates Leif Erikson as the first European to discover the Americas. Also protest against Columbus Day.