Progressive Revolution Theory

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Founding Principles


Core Ideas

Progressive Revolution Theory
Active Culutral Development Theory
Necessary War Doctrine
Socialist Fundamentalism
Communist Democracy
Great Socialist Experiment
Liberal Authoritarianism
People's Revolution

Notable Rennie-Gaffneyists

P. J. Gaffney
G Rennie
Michelle Yui
Robert Lethler
Carwyn Jenkins
Karolina Wilson

Notable Groups

Communist Party of Erusia
People's Party of Licentia

Within the micronational of ideology of Rennie-Gaffneyism the term Progressive Revolution Theory is used to refer to a Leninist extensionist theory established largely by Peter Gaffney with the help of G Rennie. Sometimes known as the Theory of the Eight Stages of Global Revolution, the theory seeks to further define Lenin's belief that Human civilisation was constantly evolving towards the inevitable state of true Communism. As the alternate name for the theory implies, Gaffney broke down the evolution of Human society into eight key stages, beginning with Despotism and ending in Global Communism. The following descriptions come directly from the brief essay by Gaffney detailing the theory.

Stage I

The most primitive, backward form of government possible: a society in which all political, social and possibly religious power is invested in a handful (or even a single) of individuals, who's actions determine the fate of an entire nation and countless thousands or millions of people. Such societies are often ruled by masculinists who hold the abhorrent view that women are inferior and unworthy of leading so much as a picket line let alone a government. They are often riddled with racism, intolerance, violence and typically rely on a large and powerful regional military force to maintain loyalty amongst the population. Advocates of the despostic system are the greatest enemies to world society and the Human race and should be eliminated as quickly as possible for the sake of their people.

In order to transition from a Despotistic society, it is imperative that social attitudes undergo major changes. The despot often strictly controls the flow of information to the public and manipulates the public education system, if there even is such a thing within this society, to indoctrinate youth into a policy of political and social apathy. Knowledge is power and by providing the truth to the people, revolutionaries can begin to force a change in the social foundations of the Despot's world. Militant groups fighting for the people must be formed to face the might of the Despot's armies, trying to damage the heart of the political system rather than massacare it's advocates. Historically, despostic societies have collapsed as the upper class experiences increased social and political consciousness, leading to the surrender of power to the aristocracy - the very first steps of devolution. It is necessary at the very least to achieve a class-dominated political system for the Despot society to evolve.

Stage II

The Imperialist stage is the mid-point in a society's evolution towards democracy, when expansion is at it's highest and the Despotic system has become too inpractical to operate to any degree of efficiency. Power is typically invested in the upper class in a limited democratic system, typically with a Monarch retaining most final and the most crucial political/miltiary powers of the state. Racism often peaks in this form of society with fierce nationalism leading to the oppression of foreigners as the Imperialistic society expands out of it's homeland, with slavery possibly being introduce. Religion may play a crucial role in ensuring the loyalty of the masses, with ideas such as Hell being used to ensure people remain true to the goals and ideals of the State. As with the Despotic society flow of information is tightly controlled by the state with education typically being reserved for the elite, who are often brought into an ideology that makes them believe they are naturally superior to the Middle and Lower classes and have a birth right to rule them. The Imperialistic society often shows the first signs of Capitalism, with private industry becoming increasingly common in more and more forms throughout the civilisation.

Often, the required social attitudes for evolution are all ready present in the oppressed masses of the lower class. The Imperialistic society may well experience regular rebellions, especially in annexed or occupied territories, which require a large and efficient military to successfuly crush. The majority of the struggle in the Imperialistic society must be fought by the select few members of the upper class who oppose the class system and the current political situation. Massive reform is favourable to large-scale revolution, with the saviours of the lower classes needed to combat the archaic hereditary and oppressive systems to make the transition to an almost fully functional Democratic situation. Removing the exclusive voting privelleges of the upper class and the rich is paramount, expanding the democratic system to include representation of the Middle class. Eventually Male suffrage must be achieved, followed by Women's suffrage eventually culminating in universal suffrage without discrimination between gender or race.

Stage III

By this stage the society is almost totally democratic and, more often than not, negotiating the final transition to a Capitalist economy. This society, however, still retains certain archaic elements preventing significant social and political advancement - aristocratic privellege or even a monarchy are typical problems with this society. The class sytem is typically abolished legally, yet a distinct financial divide will remain in place and often translate into class consciousness with class pride emerging, particularly in the lower classes. The government has done it's best to remove sexism, racism and other forms of common intolerance from it's systems but these issues may continue to plague the civilisation, especially if it enjoys a high immigration rate. Private industry is likely to form the heart of this system with wealth being the lifeblood of it's heart. Literature and entertainment is free of censorship, although controversial materials are still difficult to acquire in many places.

Many opponents of evolution will, at this stage, argue that the hereditary elements of the society are an intregal part of it's culture and must be preserved at all costs. Such individuals are a blight on civilisation that must be removed if the society can make the successful transition to a Democratic Republic. At this point in time Capitalism is not likely to pose a significant threat to the future and, arguably, may be necessary for it's immediate economic growth to ensure a future Socialist order can flourish economically also. The primary requirement for evolution here is the elimination of social consciousness regarding class and the continued persecution of other forms of descrimination, although these objectives may continue to exist in stage IV. It is crucial that all hereditary privelleges, including any monarchial systems, be destroyed. Stage IV nations outside of the society should encourage change within it so that it may move into the modern world atlast.

Stage IV

At this point in history the society has eliminated all hereditary privellege. It is a completely democratic Republic that has continued the fight against descrimination to the best of it's ability and is in the process of removing religion from it's political systems, as well as reducing overall religious influence within the state. The society is almost certainly Capitalist and now seeing the consequences of such a system environmentally and socially. Class consciousness is within acceptable levels, although there are still notable gaps in income. The society is likely regularly torn between left-wing and right-wing rule, with the ruling party in it's democratic system changing constantly throughout it's evolution. Nationalist groups will begin to emerge within the political system, attempting to devolve the society back to a Stage III or even a Stage II society through anti-modern reformist policies.

This stage of evolution is the first one that requires active Socialist reform to evolve. It is too soon for revolution - the evolvution must be gradual and yet quick enough to prevent lingering damage caused by the Capitalist system currently enforced. It is necessary for Socialist groups to gain power through careful manipulation of the democratic system within the limits of the law, preserving the right of the People to determine their government whilst taking every step to ensure they remain in power. It is necessary for the society to establish several invioable Socialist Fundamentals that protect the People's basic Socialist rights and also begin a ruthless war against the forces of Capitalism and decadence. Reforming the government's economic policies to allow for brutal taxation of larger private industry is required. When the society has taken sufficient steps towards this, it has evolved.

Stage V

Society is now fundamentally Socialist, with Socialist policies and ideals forming the very foundation of the political system. Through careful manipulation of the constitution the Socialists have garaunteed the People several invioable rights, including the right to free Health Care and free Education. The state has likely granted itself excessive power to deal with the capitalist threat, allowing it to mercilessly pursue elements of the private sector that harm society. The society maintains a total democratic system in spite of this, with full freedom for even the most wretched of the right-wing to hold political office should the public majority support them. The Socialists have, however, taken steps to ensure no one can change the laws of Socialist Fundamentalism, likely by requiring a major or even unaminous vote by the central political body to change the fundamentals. By this stage the government should be entirely unicameral, having effectively eliminated the need for an upper house. Further power has been granted to the political cabinet, forming a political organisation within the government rather than a grouping of senior politicians.

It is now time for the revolution to begin in ernest. It is time for the Socialists to evolve the society so that they may hand over the reigns of control to the Communists who will lay the foundations for the true Communist society. The society must begin to take radical measures against the private sector, the surviving upper class and the Capitalist system as a whole. Society is sufficiently industrialised to allow for a stable Communist government to take power and destroy the Capitalist system without crippling the industrial base of the nation. For evolution the society must, in essence, redouble the efforts it made to evolve into a Socialist Republic and take it's reforms to drastic new levels. The ideas of Marx and Engels should be gradually installed into the core of the society. Education is paramount - youth must be actively involved and supportive of the revolution. By reforming the education system and promoting conscious political thought amongst youth society will evolve to a whole new level of active political involvement crucial to make the evolution to Communism work. The preservation of democracy will allow the People to decide the rate of evolution. When the society is Leninist or Luxemburgist, with sufficent democratic preservation, it may evolve.

Stage VI

Society is atlast Communist. The Socialists have granted power to the Communists and the split within the Communist system no longer exists, all ideologies working under one banner. By this point, democracy is no longer necessary in the traditional sense and it is time for the dictatorship of the proletariat to finally be formed in it's entireity. This is, arguably, the highest level of internal sohpistication possible for any nation. The ideas of Marx and Engels have been implemented truly and effectively without harming the society. The People know that Capitalism is their enemy and that whatever remains of the barbaric system must be destroyed totally and utterly if civilisation is to survive. The People enjoy equality and every form of discrmination has been crushed thanks to disturbingly effective education systems and sociological development programs for youth. Crime should be relatively low by this stage, especially theft-related crime, for it's sheer futility and rehabilitation is now the only practical solution for dealing with criminals.

The society can now only evolve in one more way: by destroying national, but not cultural, identity. The society must find other societies at it's current stage of evolution and make preperations to come together under a single, centralised government. The time has come for peoples across entire continents to recognise the Hammer and Sickle as their sole national identity and unite against the decadent right-wing forces of corruption.

Stage VII

Communist societies have now united together to form almost supernations, a union of cultures, races and Communists from across entire continents working together to further the cause of Socialist reform. The nation may have built further on the Stage VI society, finally bringing about absolute Communism in ways that a lone society may not have been able to. Poverty and famine are unheard of, everyone enjoys freedom and equality and the dreams of Karl Marx have almost been realised. This society has achieved perfection, a Socialist paradise admist a sea of Capitalist decadence. The united society has made it it's goal to spread Communism throughout the world, destroying the remaining Capitalist nations.

It is time for the global revolution to come to completion. The unified society must bring the war on Capitalism to an end with Total victory being the only acceptable outcome. It may be necessary to wage a war of necessity against those who refuse to embrace the Communist way and it is imperative that any such operation is waged against the State, not the People. There is only one way for society to evolve: when the Red Star flies over all the nations of the world and when every citizen of the world has been touched by Communism.

Stage VIII

Society is now perfect. The environment is kept in good order, equality is total without discrimination of any kind, private sectors and Capitalist systems have been utterly destroyed. This green Earth is now red, a single planet-wide nation united under the banner of Communism for an eternity. Society can evolve no further than this stage for there is nothing more perfect than this stage. Now, the only goal is to ensure that Communism remains on Earth for the rest of Human history - it must never revert to the barbaric Capitalistic, Nationalist or Imperialistic systems the plagued it's early history.

The revolution is over.

We are strong.

We are united.

We are perfect.

We are Communist.