Active Micronational Cultural Development Theory

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Founding Principles


Core Ideas

Progressive Revolution Theory
Active Culutral Development Theory
Necessary War Doctrine
Socialist Fundamentalism
Communist Democracy
Great Socialist Experiment
Liberal Authoritarianism
People's Revolution

Notable Rennie-Gaffneyists

P. J. Gaffney
G Rennie
Michelle Yui
Robert Lethler
Carwyn Jenkins
Karolina Wilson

Notable Groups

Communist Party of Erusia
People's Party of Licentia

Active Micronational Cultural Development Theory is a political theory belonging to the ideology of Rennie-Gaffneyism. Pioneered almost entirely by the ideologies co-founder Peter Gaffney, the theory effectively dictates that a micronation cannot succeed if it is simply a political and/or economic entity. According to the theory, the two single most important elements of micronational society must be the People and national culture. Gaffney argues that the only chance for a micronation to achieve true success is for it's People to be actively involved in, and the driving force behind, the development of a truly rich and unique culture unlike anything else. Similarly, the theory asserts that micronational states who base their culture too heavily upon real-world cultures will experience a much lower success rate due to the lack of involement by the People in cultural development.