Monarchy of Norton

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King of Norton
Roi de Norton
Arms of Alexander I as King of the Nortonians.svg
Royal Nortonian Coat of Arms
Alexander I, King of the Nortonians.png
Alexander I

Style His Royal Majesty
Heir apparent Tobey, Prince Royal
First monarch Alexander I
Formation 30 May 2022
Appointer Heredity
Residence Monclair Palace

The President of Norton, officially the President of the State of Norton, is the head of state and chief executive of the State of Norton. The President also serves as the commander-in-chief of the Nortonian Armed Forces. Rafe Burfield, a founding member of the nation was elected as the first President of Norton upon the nation's creation on 6 July 2021. The President is widely considered to be the most powerful and influential politician in Norton.

The President is elected for a six year term by the people, and sworn in by the National Senate.


The President is formally elected to a six-year term by simple majority. The incumbent President may stand for re-election to another 6 year term, however may not stand for re-election for a third term, until a gap of 6 years has been left. In the event of a vacancy of the office (by death, resignation, or deposition by a majority vote of the senate), the Presidential Line of Succession is initiated.


The following qualifications shall be followed for one to be elected as the President:

  • Only a Nortonian Citizen may be elected.
  • Only a leader of a political party may be elected.

The Constitution provides that a citizen is not eligible for election to the Presidency if:

  • The citizen has been declared ineligible by the Supreme Court.
  • The citizen holds views that contradict the Constitution of the State of Norton.


The President takes the oath of office as follows:

"I (Name) do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the State of Norton, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the State of Norton."

Titles and styles

Styles of
The President of the State of Norton
Reference styleHis Excellency
The Right Honourable
Spoken styleYour Excellency

The President's full style and title in English is "His Excellency, The Right Honourable President of the State of Norton”.

Monclair House (Country Residence)

Powers and functions

  • The President shall discharge the functions of the head of state and executive.
  • The President shall be responsible for the appointment of the Prime Minister and other members of the Federal Cabinet.
  • The President serves as the Commander-in-chief of the Nortonian Armed Forces.
  • The President shall be the Minister of the Civil Service and shall appoint members on his/her pleasure.
  • The President shall be the chief diplomat of the State.


List of Presidents of the State of Norton

No Picture Name
In office
His Excellency
Rafe Burfield
(6 July 2005-)
6 July 2021-present