Parliament of Pontunia

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Parliament of Pontunia

Parliament Puntunius
Fras II
Arms of Pontunia.jpg
HousesHouse of Nobles
Royal Assembly
Founded4 January 2021 (As Hochkouncil)
Christian Fras, AWE
Lady Protector
Morwenna, Duchess of Lafayette
Andrew I, Non Partisan
Pontunian RA 2.svg
Royal Assembly political groups
Government (6)
  •   KNU: 3 seats
  •   RWB: 6 seats

Opposition (2)

  •   LWB: 2 seats
House of Nobles voting system
Appointment by the Sovereign
Royal Assembly voting system
Proportional approval voting
Meeting place
Royal Residence de jure
Pontunian Discord server de facto

The Parliament of Pontunia is the supreme legislative body of the Kingdom of Pontunia and its vassals. It alone possesses legislative supremacy and thereby ultimate power over all other political bodies in Pontunia. The Parliament is bicameral but has three parts, consisting of the sovereign (Crown-in-Parliament), the House of Nobles Spiritual and Temporal, and the Royal Assembly (the primary chamber).

The House of Nobles includes two different types of members: the Nobles Spiritual, consisting of the most senior bishops of the Church of Pontunia and the Holy Leader of Pontunia; and the Nobles Temporal, consisting mainly of life peers, appointed by the sovereign.

The Royal Assembly is a de jure democratically elected body, consisting of 7 Members of Parliament. MPs are elected using single transferrable voting.

The Royal Assembly meets with the Monarch and Cheif Minister to make new laws. When in this legislative role, they are collectively known as Parliament.

Due to the nature of the office of Chief Minister, they are usually included in the Royal Assembly as an elected Representative. Representatives are the only people eligible to stand for the office of Chief Minister.