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Philip Locke, also known as simply Locke, was a micronationalist most famous for his commitments to the nations of Menelmacar, Tymaria, and Shireroth. In Shireroth, he was a Hyperborean active approximately from 2002 to 2004.

Locke was famous for his passionate devotion to the ideals he held; in Menelmacar, Soloralism, and in Shireroth, democracy. His attempts to destroy Tymaria, despite being heavily condemned by the time, wasn't considered as much of a bad idea later on, since most people involved in the nation hated Tymaria in retrospect. His major strength was the ability to encourage activity in the nations he was active in, controversy or not.

Locke first gained intermicronational notoriety when he and his friend William Jesmer launched a terrorist attack against their home nation at the time, Tymaria, and deleted its forum. At the time, Shireroth was a Tymarian state, and it banned William Jesmer from holding citizenship in the country ever again but gave Locke the lesser punishment of a three-month suspension of citizenship.

Reeling from his actions in Tymaria, Locke joined Menelmacar and became an active citizen there on the Soloralist faction, although he had joined before Bill and Harvey joined. His commitment to the nation in its birth is arguably the main reason why Menelmacar became a success. His position as Minister of Culture at first, creating an elven culture alien to the more traditional D&D elves known by Bill, (as well as the Tolkien elves) bothered him so much that he joined the nation to take over the position. A compromise was easily reached, and Locke quickly became a Soloralist in the form of it that would be known as "Elvish Apolloism", (Soloralism was still called Apolloism at the time) now known as the Menelmacari variant of Soloralism. He was also heavily involved in the fights between the two Menelmacari factions that would lead to the schism, probably most famous for creating the Soloralist Liberation Army of Menelmacar, or SLAM for short.. During the height of the Soloralist power after the schism, he became extremely active in the Soloralist religion and was once again the main reason why Sirimacar was active at the time - he had become the elected leader of Sirimacar. His eventual fading of activity from the nation, combined with the lack of activity by Sirithil nos Feanor, Harvey, and Bill, was the main reason why Sirimacar became controlled by Mari Greenwood.

After his misadventures in Menelmacar, Locke returned to Shireroth, settling in the Duchy of Hyperborea. Although he got along well with most of the other Hyperboreans, he quickly made several enemies, most significantly Erik Mortis and Gryphon Avocatio. Although they originally were upset with his part in the Tymarian attacks, they continued to be incensed by his loud and vocal support for a more democratic system of government. He was told to leave the country several times and dropped out due to inactivity on other occasions, but always ended up returning.

In July 2004, Kaiser Los II promoted him to Duke of Hyperborea in gratitude for his support during the War of the Wylthean Succession. Locke used his position in the Landsraad to propose a number of bills, many of which directly related to his support for more freedom and democracy among the commoners. Most of these bills were voted down, despite the presence of a strong ally for his cause in Duke Rakesh of Brookshire. Also around this time, Locke founded the political interest group PAST to promote his ideals.

Opinion on Locke's actions were mixed. While few Shirerithians agreed with him, many noted how he raised activity, got Shirerithians to take a good look at their government, and encouraged a flourishing political culture at a time when many nations were sliding into inactivity. Erik and Gryphon Avocadio thought his ideas were un-Shirerithian, and that he himself was an annoyance at best and a traitor at worst.

When Kaiser Raynor XI took the throne, he banned political interest groups and dismissed Locke's chief ally, Rakesh, from his position as Duke of Brookshire. Unable to continue his reformist plans, Locke faded into inactivity, despite Raynor's conciliatory gesture of making him an Imperial Advisor. He has not been seen in Shireroth for nearly a year, although he still talks to Scott Alexander about poetry on rare occasions.

In real life, Locke is seventeen years old and attends a Catholic high school in Rhode Island.