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Brookshire is the first of the two original Duchies of Shireroth. It currently houses the traditional quarter of Shireroth, as well as some of the Apollo Sector's oldest citizens.


Before the founding of Shireroth, Brookshire was a city-state ruled over by a Duke or Duchess. Kaiser Raynor I was born from a union of the last Emperor of Khaz Modan and the Duchess of Brookshire. It was under the banners of Brookshire that Kaiser Raynor I united the lands and founded Shireroth.


Brookshire is the eldest duchy of Shireroth along with Goldshire. It was founded when the nation switched over to the current system with the Kaiser and Landsraad.

The current duke is Fax Celestis.

Former dukes include Shyriath Bukolos, Rakesh Akbar, Lukedu and Erik Mortis.