People's Republic of Xahastan

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People's Republic of Xahastan
Xahastaneko Herri Errepublika (Basque)

Xahastanflag.png FlagCoat of Arms of the People's republic of Xahastan 2.png Coat of Arms

Sovereignty in Revolution
Capital cityReqqen
Largest cityReqqen
Official language(s)English, Basque
GovernmentUnitary Presidential Marxist–Leninist Socialist Republic
- PresidentXabier Asensio
LegislatureProvisional Military Council of Socialist Xahastan
- Type - Unicameral
EstablishedMarch 29th 2019
Disestablished4th November 2020
Population6 humans, 2 dogs
CurrencyEastern Xahastanian Rubule
Time zoneAustralian Eastern Standard Time
National drinkFanta
National animalSpringer Spaniel

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Xahastan, officially the People's Republic of Xahastan is a micronation based in Sydney, Australia. It was founded in 2019 by Xabier Asensio and currently has a population of 7 and has three major cities. Xahastan is a member of the Socialist Pact of Micronations along with the Internet Republic.


The Popular and Democratic Republic of Xahastan was founded on 29 March 2019 as the Nelson Street Empire with Xabier Asensio crowning himself monarch for life. Shortly after the foundation of the state, the name was officially changed to the Principality of Xahastan and the first elections were held with the Xahastanian National Party winning the election. The Principality of Xahastan officially opened to tourists on 19th of June 2019 with the "Visit Xahastan Year 2019" campaign.

On the 29th of August 2019, the monarchy announced democratic reforms and the disassemblement of the royal system. The Principality of Xahastan then changed its name to the Free Republic of Xahastan. Shortly after the abduction of the monarchy, former King Xabier Asensio formed the Worker's Revolutionary Party as a political party. On March 15th 2020 the Worker's Revolutionary Party lead a coup d'etat against the republic installing the current government. On 1st of February 2020, the government allowed multi-party elections to take place. On Monday 7th of September, the state implemented economic and political reforms called "Erreforma".


The Popular and Democratic Republic of Xahastan consists of two sets of territory: its terrestrial and its extraterrestrial. On its terrestrial territory, it has the Autonomous People's Republics of the Capital Province, the Tasman Province and the Conjolan Province.


The Xahastanian Liberation Army is responsible for the defence of Xahastan and it has four branches: the Army, the Air Force, the Navy and the People's Militia. The army is equipped with 30 T-55 tanks, 29 M1 Abrams tanks and 100 BMP-1s. The Air Force of Xahastan operates a large force of around 100 MiG-21s, 56 MiG-23s and over 500 Aero L-39s. The Navy has 5 Ford Class aircraft carriers: the PNS Independence, the PNS Sovereignty, the PNS Reqqen, the PNS Tasman Sea and the PNS Conjola as well, the Navy has one Kirov Class cruiser named the Admiral Xabier Asensio. The People's Militia acts as a police force.

The Ministry of Socialist Security is the intelligence agency of the Xahastanian Liberation Army and works closely with it in surveillance. The Ministry of Socialist Security was formed from the merger of the Royal Security Association, Republican International Police and the Worker's Police of the Worker's Revolutionary Party.


The People's Republic of Xahastan is a unitary socialist republic based majorly on Marxist-Leninist principles. the state does not elect leaders using a representative democracy, instead, they use a system of direct democracy and appointment.

Xabier Asensio is the current Supreme Secretary of Xahastan and he can override the decision of Provisional Military Council of Socialist Xahastan at any time. The Supreme Secretary of Xahastan can not be removed from power but the Premiere Secretary of Xahastan is re-elected every 3 years. The role Premiere Secretary is to rule alongside the Supreme Secretary although the Supreme Secretary can override the Premiere Secretary at any time. The Premiere Secretary also oversees the Provisional Military Council of Socialist Xahastan.

Full States

Flag Name Ruling Party Leader
Flag of The PRR.png People's Republic of Reqqen Worker's Revolutionary Party Xabier Asensio
Flag of the PRC.png People's Republic of Conjola Worker's Revolutionary Party Xabier Asensio
Flag of the PRTa.png People's Republic of Tasman Worker's Revolutionary Party Xabier Asensio

Political Parties

This is a list of legal political parties in Xahastan:

Flag Name Ideology Number of Seats Leader
Flag of the Worker's Revolutionary Party .png Workers Revolutionary Party Socialism, Marxis-leninism, Antireligion, Anarchism, Maoism, Juche
20 / 20
Xabier Asensio


The following nations are formally recognized by the People's Republic of Xahastan and maintain full diplomatic relations:

The following nations are formally recognized by the People's Republic of Xahastan but maintain no diplomatic relations:

The following states are not recognized: