United States of Jubilee Park

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United States of Jubilee Park
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: All Hail Feather Duster McBalls
Anthem: Official - All Hail Feather Duster McBalls Playlist
and largest city
New Hamptonsville
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Jubilee Parkian
GovernmentFederal Republic
• Federal President
Feather Duster McBalls
• Chairman of the Armed Forces
Edwin Fuck
LegislatureFederal Parliament
• Census
1 human, 2 plants and 1 snail
CurrencyAustralian Dollar
Time zoneAustralian Eastern Standard Time

The United States of Jubilee Park is a federal republic based Sydney, Australia. It was founded in 2020 by Feather Duster McBalls. The state currently has a population of 4 (one human, 2 plants and one snail) and has two major cites.


The United States of Jubilee Park was founded by Feather Duster McBalls after he had the idea after eating yum-cha. He had known about the existence of Jubilee Park for 2 years, due to the fact that he worked their as a council play equipment inspector. He declared the independence of Jubilee Park whilst on the job. He subsequently forced all of his coworkers and patrons out of the park. The inner west council attempted to remove Feather Duster McBalls from the park but failed. The United States of Jubilee Park was subsequently created. He subsequently declared the children's park within Jubilee Park as the capital city, New Hamptonsville.


The United States of Jubilee Park consists of the entirety of Jubilee Park and is divided into five states: New Hamptonsville, Aragion, Stateslandia, Freedomstan and Oyster Beach.


The United States of Jubilee Park maintains a large military consisting of only Feather Duster McBalls and a plant. The Jubilee Park army is currently invoveld in fighting in the Sydney World War. Jubilee Park also maintains a navy consisting of two ships the USJP Wednesday and the USJP Admiral Cornel McBalls. The United States of Jubilee Park maintains an air force as well consisting of 5 paper planes.

Equipment and Organisation

15th Armoured Division:

  • 1 Rusted Lime Bike (pulled from Sydney Harbour)

16th Rifle Regiment:

  • 2 slightly sharp sticks
  • 3 butter knifes

1st Naval Flotilla

  • USJP Admiral Cornel McBalls (a rusty dingy)
  • USJP Wednesday (Hijacked ferry anchored past the Sydney Heads)

18th Interceptor Squadron

  • 5 CS-252 Paper Planes (ex-Xahastanian)