People's Republic of Odea

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People's Republic of Odea
Motto: We Am The Best
Anthem: We Am The Best
CapitalChickenville (non existent)
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnitary socialist one party republic
• President
John "Chicken Shitty Pants" McToilet
• Vice President
John "Chicken Shitty Pants" McToilet
• Prime Minister
John "Chicken Shitty Pants" McToilet
• Premier
John "Chicken Shitty Pants" McToilet
• Chairman of the Armed Forces
John "Chicken Shitty Pants" McToilet
LegislatureNational Congress of the People
People's Diet
National Assembly of the People
• Census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
CurrencyPoop Dolla

The People's Republic of Odea is a communist republic based in Sydney, Australia. It was founded in 2020 by John "Chicken Shitty Pants" McToilet. The state currently has a population of 1 and has no major cities.

The Flag of the People's Republic of Odea


The People's Republic of Odea was founded in 2020 by John "Chicken Shitty Pants" McToilet. The nation's foundation was part of a larger operation being carried out by the Xahastanian Eyes of the Revolution. John "Chicken Shitty Pants" McToilet was installed as the leader at the behest of the president of Xahastan, Xabier Asensio. The People's Republic of Odea mainly operated as a Xahastanian satellite state until 2021 when McToilet was fired from his position due to gross incompetence and corruption. He subsequently launched a coup d'eta against the newly installed president Patrick McFuckelcock II. He assaulted McFuckelcock II and exiled him from Odea. He then cut all diplomatic ties with Xahastan and declared that he wanted to 'destroy Xahastan'. In recent events, John "Chicken Shitty Pants" McToilet has launched a conquest of the Sydney Powerhouse Museum in an attempt to 'confiscate their weapons'.


The People's Republic of Odea is located in the Peter Cotter Reserve


The People's Republic of Odea's military force only consists of one person: John "Chicken Shitty Pants" McToilet. The People's Republic of Odea claims to have 'captured' a non-operational PBY Catalina flying boat and the front of a replica space shuttle. All this equipment was 'captured' from the powerhouse museum.