People's Freedom Assembly

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People's Freedom Assembly
General SecretaryMorgan Taylor (Acting)
Deputy SecretaryJosh Graceson (Acting)
Founded18 January 2022
Membership (2022)3
Green socialism
Market socialism
Political positionFar-left
National affiliationMultnomah People's Commune
ColoursGreen and Red
Slogan"Moving Multnomah Forward!"
AnthemThe Internationale
Multnomah People's Council
3 / 3
Lombard People's Council
4 / 4
Vanport People's Council
3 / 4
Cascadian Supreme People's Assembly
4 / 6
Renoan Senate
8 / 17

The People's Freedom Assembly (or PFA) is the ruling party in the Multnomah People's Commune, the Cascadian Democratic Republic, and the Renoan Federal People's Democratic Republic. It is also the ruling Party in the Lombard, Vanport, Mortonia, Azulapolis, Navarro, and Eireen People's Communes and the sole party in all but Vanport. It’s main policies include anarcho-communism, market socialism, green socialism, bioregionalism, and autonomism. The party is considered far-left to left wing. Morgan Taylor has been the leader of the party since July 2022.