Oswald I of Veloya

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Oswald I
King of Veloya
Reign12 July 2023 - Present
PredecessorThrone Established
Prime Minister(s)Vacant
Born19 July
United Kingdom
Era name and dates
Oswaldian: 12 July 2023 - Present
Regnal name
Oswald Douglas Arkwright
Royal HouseArkwright

His Majesty King Oswald I is a micronationalist, national founder and royal currently reigning as King of Veloya. His reign began on 12 July 2023. Oswald has sat on the throne since its formation and is currently the longest reigning Veloyan monarch, as well as the first.

Micronational Life

Entering micronationalism after spending some time researching it, Oswald is the founding father of the Kingdom of Veloya, establishing the kingdom on 12 July 2023 and taking the throne upon its establishment. He has actively partaken in Veloyan politics, passing a number of Royal Decrees which are shaping Veloyan politics and culture.

Public Image

Oswald is often described by others as somewhat posh and well spoken. Some of his friends have described him as a George Washington-like figure. He is often seen as a problem solver, and good at knowing what to do in given situations - but can also be seen as sometimes making controversial and/or unpopular decisions in aims of achieving what he perceives to be the best outcome or result.

Personal Life

Oswald is British. He is a Christian and is interested in politics and military science. He enjoys going to the gym and is a former practitioner of karate.

He describes his political views as right wing.

Titles and Styles

Since 12 July 2023 - His Majesty, The King of Veloya

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