Orders, decorations, and medals of Monmark

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The Orders, decorations, and medals of Monmark are granted by the monarch for services to the nation.

Current orders

The Order of Crimson Royal Knight/Dame Companion OC 1 February 2021 Highest decoration of the nation. Conferred only upon state royalties and foreign monarchs for their service to the nation and its development and towards merit and great diplomacy with the nation.
Stranger Knight/Dame Companion
The Order of Independence Grand Collar GColI 25 December 2020 Conferred only upon citizens for their extraordinary and meritorious services to the nation. Currently, the highest decoration of the nation. It is conferred only once a year, that is, on the Independence Day (26 December).
Grand Cross GCI
The Order of the Crowned Lion Knight/Dame KCL 5 September 2020 Granted for great services to the nation at the monarch's pleasure. Currently, the second highest decoration of the nation.
The Order of the Cross of Saint Patrick Knight/Dame KSP 30 September 2020 Granted for excellence in religious matters.
The Monmarkian Cross Knight/Dame MC 18 September 2020 Conferred for extraordinary services to the nation.