Monarchy of Monmark

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Emperor-King of United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark
Imperial and Royal
New Monmarkian Royal Standard.jpg
HI&RM David Augustus I

Style His Imperial and Royal Majesty
Heir presumptive Archduke David Augustus
First monarch HI&RM David Augustus I
Formation 26 December 2017

The Monarchy of Monmark is the collective term for the Head of State of the United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark, their Consort, and the Royal Family.


The Monarch and his/her consort have equal power to each other, as semi-constitutional monarchs, the Monarch can propose legislation in both the national Parliament and in constituent Parliaments, and pass royal decrees of legislation. The Monarch is responsible for appointinh the Grand Chancellor as well as conferring titles of nobility. Despite all this power, it is generally considered bad faith to do many of these things, so the reigning Monarch has delegated power to Parliament, yet is still active in the nation’s politics.

Styles and Titles tied to the crown

The Monmarkian Monarchy holds many sytles and titles within Monmark, most have value in administration.


These are the stylings used by different members of the Royal House.


By the Grace of God, His/Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, (name) of (surname), Emperor/King/Empress/Queen of All Monmark.


His/Her Imperial and Royal Highness, (name) of (surname), Archduke/Archduchess of Monmark.


His/Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, (name) of (surname), Emperor/King/Empress/Queen Consort of All Monmark.

Other Members

His/Her Imperial and Royal Highness, (name) of (surname), Grand Duke/Duchess of Monmark.


These are the titles tied to certain members of the royal family.


Emperor/King/Empress/Queen of All Monmark, King/Queen of the Texans(not inherited but can only be conferred on the Sovereign), King/Queen of the Highlands, Archduke/Archduchess of Kaiserstadt-Koenigstadt, Grand Duke/Duchess of Westark, Prince/Princess of Colorado(same as the King of the Texans title), Prince/Princess of Crimson, Duke/Duchess of The Brooks, Duke/Duchess of Ganton and of Sonesta, Margrave(ine) of the Southern March, etc, ect, ect.


Archduke/Archduchess of Monmark, Duke/Duchess of the Yarrow.

Second Heir

Grand Duke/Duchess of Monmark, Duke of Waldstadt.


The Succession laws are of absolute primogeniture, in which regardless of gender, the throne passes to the nearest citizen heir. Heirs may not be barred from holding titles, but may be disinherited from the throne if they disrespect the institution.

Heir Presumptive

The current heir presumptive is His Imperial and Royal Highness, The Archduke of Monmark, the youngest sibling of the current monarch.

Second in line

The second heir in case of emergency is His Majesty Michael I of Galte.

Members of the Royal Family


David Augustus I of Monmark

Junior Members

HI&RH the Archduke of Monmark

HI&RH the Grand Duchess of Ellmark

HI&RH the Duke of Feldstadt

HI&RH the Duchess of Feldstadt

HI&RH the Count of Gibraltar

HI&RH the Countess of Gibraltar