Order of the Dragon (Coleraine)

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Order of the Dragon
Design of the collar
Ribbon bar of the Order of the Dragon.svg
Awarded by the Kingdom of Coleraine
Type Chivalric order
Eligibility Members of ruling houses, senior civil and military officials and other worthy figures appointed by the King of Coleraine.
Awarded for Honour, and civil, and military merit
Status Currently awarded
Established 1 January 2010
First awarded 2010
Total awarded 5
Next (higher) Order of Our Lady of Good Counsel
Equivalent none
Next (lower) Order of Seán Amádeus

The Order of the Dragon (Irish: Ordú an Dragan Latin: Ordo Draco French: Ordre du Dragon, Welsh: Trefn y Ddraig) is the second highest order of chivalry in the Kingdom of Coleraine. The Order was founded on the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (1 January) 2010, by King Seán III. The order is divided into the following ranks:

  • Grand Cross of the Dragon (GCD)
  • Knight of the Dragon (KD)
  • Companion of the Dragon (CD)

The Order of the Dragon is the secondary order of knighthood of the realm. It's members do not have to be Catholics, however most are. Thus, the Order of the Dragon has been granted to a number of foreign monarchs, most of whom are not practising Catholics. It was created as an order for the Welsh subjects who are members of the Church in Wales a member church of the Anglican Communion, along with subjects of the various Eastern Orthodox denominations.

Grand Masters of the Order

  • Seán Amádeus of Coleraine (Seán III) (1992 - ), founder of the Order, King of Coleraine.


  • Sir Bryn Thomas, RC, CBC, KD MP, (1991 - ), for services during the New European Civil War.
  • Sir Bedwyr Thomas, RC, MP, KBC, (1992 - ), on his naming as Minister of the Arts.
  • Wilhelm I, Emperor of New Europe, (1991 -), in recognition of the New Euro-Colerian Alliance.
  • James I, High King of Angador, KD, as thanks from HCM the King