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Sir Bryn Ioan Thomas, MP (Welsh: Bryn Ioan ap Tomos) was born to Welsh immigrants in Dubuque, Iowa (Cathair Noamh Raphael) on 18 December 1991. He is the oldest of three children, Bedwyr (b. 1992), Ioan II (b. 1993), and Dewi (b. 1995). The family lives in Cathair Noamh Raphael where he has maintained an office since. He first met then Tánsaite Seán mac Tómás Ó Catháin at a Pan-Celtic convention in Chicago in December 2008. With the founding of the Kingdom of Coleraine in January 2009, Seán, now Archduke of Noamh Séamus and heir apparent to the throne, advised Bryn to run for Parliament as Urban candidate for the Duchy of Noamh Raphael. After being elected to Parliament he served as Urban Leader in the House of Commons. He was an instrumental voice in the writing of the Constitutional Clause describing the rights of the Commons. He was named Chancellor for the Commons on 7 April 2009, following a brief stint as Urban MP for Noamh Raphael.

Chancellery Apointment

On 7 April 2009 Bryn's longtime friend the Archduke of Noamh Séamus was named King following the abdication of his father Tómás II. The newly named King Seán III made it his first act as monarch to put Bryn up for nomination as the first Chancellor of the Commons. In an address given in both English and Welsh (Sir Bryn's native tongue) the King stated,

"Mae'n rhaid i ni agor y llywodraeth i Duchies y Gogledd os ydym yn dymuno ar gyfer ei gymeradwyo a chefnogaeth barhaus, lest rydym yr Uchelwyr a Tirfeddianwyr y Deyrnas dymuno ar gyfer gwrthryfel gogleddol rhaid hyn yn digwydd."
"We must open the government to the Duchies of the North if we wish for his approval and continued support, lest we the Noblity and Landowners of the Realm wish for a northern revolt this must occur."

The House of Commons voted unamiously in favour of Bryn's nomination and on 7 April he was named the first Chancellor of the Commons. His brother Bedwyr was elected the new Urban MP for Noamh Raphael.

During his term as Chancellor he mantains his office in Noamh Raphael, however he also resides at St David's House in Termontrinity, Noamh Séamus when Parliament is in session.

Sir Bryn has begun a movement, which advocates the Royal naming of Welsh as an official language of the state.

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Office Established 30 January 2009 - 7 April 2009 Henry Tyler, MP
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