Order of Beremagne

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Order of Beremagne
Order of Beremagne
Awarded by the Sovereign-Prince of Beremagne
TypeHouse Order
EligibilityAny Citizen or non-citizen, foreign partner.
Awarded forNational cooperation, or for merit towards the Crown, State and Nation in public service.
Established30 August 2018

The Order of Beremagne is a decoration instituted by the order of prince Emanuel I of Beremagne, the 30 August 2018


Knight of the Order of Beremagne.

This order has been created by Emanuel I to award any citizen for his cooperation of for his help to the nation of to the crown. The Nomination of a new holder of the order is declared by the Official Information Service, by a princely decree.


  1. His Serene Highness the Prince of Beremagne, Emanuel I, as Grand-Cross of the Order (2018)

Wear on the uniform

Ribbon bar of the Order

Reminder bars worn on uniforms
Grand officier

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