Order of the Princely House of Beremagne

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Order of the Princely House of Beremagne
Order of the Princely House of Beremagne
Awarded by
the Sovereign-Prince of Beremagne
TypeHouse Order
Eligibilitymembers of the Prince's Family, and other crowned heads.
Awarded forNational cooperation, or for merit towards the Crown, State and Nation in public service.
Established04 August 2018
Total awarded2

The Order of the Princely House of Beremagne is a princely order by Emanuel de Dovimaldi-Nassor, Prince of Beremagne, the August 4th 2018.


Dame insigna of the order.

Emanuel established the throne of Beremagne the February 11th 2018, and since this date, no order has been created to award people, or citizens for the help given dureing the first months of live of this new nation. Asked by the prince, an order has been created the August 4th 2018, to award members of the sovereign's family, for the personnal help given to the Crown.


  1. His Serene Highness Emanuel, Prince of Beremagne as Grand-Master of the Order (2018)
  2. Her Serene Highness the Marquess Louanne of Soulange as a Dame of the Order (17 Sept. 2018)

Wear on the uniform

Ribbon bar of the Order

Reminder bars worn on uniforms
Grand officier
Streamer of the Grand-Master
Grand-Master (Sovereign)

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