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Online Associated Micronations
Official logo

Location OAMicro Forum

Official language English

Forum administrators

Key dates
Foundation 3 January 2012
Disestablishment 30 October 2012

Micronations hosted
18 (at dissolution)
Websites Official website (down)
Official forum (down)

Online Associated Micronations, shortened to OAMicro, was the name given to an intermicronational forum farm, where member micronations' online fora were all located on the same 'super-forum'.[1] The concept was taken from a similar venture in the Micras Sector, the 'Bastion Union'. It was disestablished in October 2012 after the domain name expired and was not renewed.

OAMicro was often confused with the disestablished Organisation of Active Micronations. Despite its lack of any formal continuity with the OAM, OAMicro had the same founder and domain name as the OAM.



OAMicro had its beginnings in the Organisation of Active Micronations, which voted to disband on the 29th December 2011.[2] It had been discussed on the OAM forum for some time while the disbandment of the OAM was being considered, and it was finally chosen as the desired option of the Council in a majority vote.

While discussions were held regarding the operation of it, these did not culminate in any final decisions on any matters, so this resulted in Gordon Freeman establishing OAMicro by himself. The Organisation of Active Micronation's website and forum were moved to a new location,[3][4] and the new forum and website created.

Initial steps

OAMicro was officially launched on the 3rd January 2012 after extensive preparations. Within three weeks, the forum was hosting eight different micronations, with several other applications being submitted.

However, the establishment of OAMicro was met with a mix of confusion and criticism. Some - including GUM Vice-Chairman Lucas Campos - alleged that OAMicro was merely a front for Gordon Freeman, who was also the founder of the Organisation of Active Micronations, to re-build the organisation secretly.[5][6] Freeman explicitly and repeatedly refuted any such suggestions, stating in response that "...OAMicro will never be an organisation, nor will it ever be any sort of "gathering" of micronations onto a forum to create any sort of organisation".[7] Others were merely confused as to the nature of the venture,[8] which was entirely new to the MicroWiki Sector.


As the OAMicro had no Secretariat, hierarchy or other organisational structure, all necessary decisions were taken by the forum administrators and each member nation's nominated representative, who was also moderator of their nation's forum.[1] All members' fora were hosted on the same forum, so that only one login is required to post in all fora, assisting contact and diplomacy between members, as well as providing a single place for other micronations to visit to contact any OAMicro members.


Micronations with their forum hosted on OAMicro were: [9]

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