Novemian Conflict

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Novemian Conflict
Date31st May 2016-April 2017
Status Eresamian-Allied victory

EresamianFlag2.png Student's State of Eresamia

boarder Republic of Korpan (Until October 2016)

boarderKingdom of Berghav

Questionmark.png Allied High Command

USA.jpg American Volunteers
boarder Republic of Korpan (from October 2016)
Commanders and leaders

EresamianFlag2.png Commander Eren Scott

boarderCommander Samuel Tirrell

RedFlag.png King Sean I

Questionmark.png Keirnan C.

Questionmark.png Elliot B.

USA.jpg Henry W.

USA.jpg Ezra R.
boarderCommander Samuel Tirrell
11 8 4

The Novemian Conflict (Also known as the Summer War, or the High-School war) is a collection of military conflicts happening in the Novemia region. The largest of these, the Summer War, fought between the alliance of Eresamia, Korpan, and Berghav, against a loosely organised group of American volunteers calling themselves 'The Allies'. The conflict began in late May 2016, before the Student's Revolution that founded Eresamia and later Korpan. The conflict has been fought entirely with the use of Airsoft guns, with rules of conflict similar to the Occupation of Berghav.

The conflict began when an early split between Eren Scott and Samuel Tirrell led to many people throughout what would become Eresamia taking sides against eachother. When the fight between Scott and Tirrell ended after around a day, many were left dissatisfied, and began to group up against both Tirrell and Scott. In the first initial days of the conflict, the anti-Scott/Tirrell forces and the Scott/Tirrell forces quickly scrambled to create armies, with other people slowly dragging themselves into the conflict, taking sides. By the end of May, the armies had formed into the numbers that are seen today, the Allied forces against Tirrell and Scott outnumbering the Axis forces of Tirrell and Scott by at least 3.

The first battle took place in the first week of the armies' summer break at the home of an Allied soldier. It was fought with airsoft guns that had been bought by both sides, and lasted only a few hours. Its decisive Axis victory set the playing field for the coming of many other Axis victories.

Background and Timeline

The Summer War

In May 2016, Novemia was without any organised micronations. The land that would become Eresamia was run by a disorganised, co-dictatorship of Eren Scott and Samuel Tirrell. These two were well-known for their loud, often hostile declarations of death or imprisonment upon their political enemies (Who never received their punishments). The two also were known for an infamous 'list' that was supposedly filled with the names of the Dictator's enemies.

It was when in late May that the two dictators split up, that any sign of conflict began to become visible. The causes of the conflict are not entirely known, but it is guessed that the split began when Scott called Tirrell a coward for one reason or another. This caused Tirrell to launch a self-coup, replacing Scott with King Sean of Berghav, which still existed, though inactive. The shock of the two's split led to a single-day civil war, with both of them scrambling to get people to take sides. Most people joined Scott's side, which is why when Scott declared he was re-joining Tirrell as co-dictator most of Scott's former allies broke away from him, creating their own allience, which has been coined 'The Allies'. Similarly to the Second World War, Scott and Tirrell declared their forces 'The Axis'. As the two sides began to grow, the initial acts of espionage began. Both sides sent in double-agents and spies, planning to infiltrate each-other's forces once the battles began. However, before the first battle could occur most of the spies had been exposed on both sides.

Korpan Skirmishes

The Korpan Skirmishes were several independent, small skirmishes that happened in and around the land that would eventually become The Republic of Korpan. They were fought with small numbers, with little weaponry.

The first skirmish occurred, ironically when Scott and Tirrell armed themselves and headed out to attack a headquarters of the Allies. They barely made it down the road when a patrol of Allied soldiers on bikes approached them, intending to take them by surprise. Scott immediately reached for his weapon, causing panic in the Allied troops. One of them jumped from their bike and ran, allowing Scott and Tirrell to take it back to Tirrell City. For the next few hours, the two sides exchanged shots at each other down the road. Eventually negotiations were made, and the bike was returned. The Allied troops then left. Victory was declared for the Axis.

The Second Korpan Skirmish occurred when three Allied soldiers launched a surprise attack on Korpan. Tirrell was alone, and quickly called up Scott. Scott arrived as fast as he possibly could. For around an hour Scott and Tirrell were both cornered, allowing the Allies to get many shots on them. When the Allied troops left, Scott declared it an Allied victory, though to this day Tirrell and some followers of his contest that the skirmish ended in a tie.

The Battle of Casey's House

The Battle of Casey's House was the first organised battle between the Allied and Axis forces. On a weekend day in September, around twenty people gathered at the house of Casey, a fighter for the Allies. Simple rules of combat were put in place, allowing each person to be hit twice before they must go back to their base. After going back twice, they would have to sit out. Each side would attempt to find and capture the enemies flag. The first side to bring the enemy flag back to their base would win the battle.
The battle lasted for a couple of hours, and seemed to be going in the Allies' favor, who outnumber the Axis by around two. Confusion arose when Scott called for a temporary ceasefire, allowing each side to regroup. The Allies mistook this as a break, rather than a short ceasefire. Most of them left the battleground to relax in the sun, allowing the Axis to locate and capture the enemies flag.The Allies contest that the battle was won unfairly, though most accept that the Axis won the battle. Several smaller-battles were fought, and won by the Allies.

Allied and Axis troops exchange fire, Battle of Casey's House, July 2016
Axis troop advancing on Allied position, Battle of Casey's House, July 2016

The First and Second Battle of Berghav

The first battle of Berghav was the second major battle fought in the war. It took place in Berghav, a Kingdom once occupied by the New Elmhurstian forces. There were fewer soldiers on both sides during this battle, though the Allies still outnumbered them. The battle followed the same rules of combat, though instead of attempting to capture a flag, both sides were simply trying to eliminate all enemies.
The Battle seemed to be going in favor of the Allies in the beginning, similarly to the Battle of Casey's House, though towards the end the Axis managed to corner and capture the Allied soldiers. The Axis forced the Allies to surrender to them, declaring victory. A second battle erupted the same day when both sides began to pile barricades of wooden slabs and fire upon each other. The Allies were pushed back continuously, and the Axis again declared victory over the Allies.

The Third and Fourth Battle of Berghav

The Third and Fourth Battle of Berghav were fought in the exact same way as the First and Second battles. The first battle was fought in an agreed style of half capture the flag, half elimination. The Allies began by hoisting their flag on a flagpole, and were tasked with defending the flag. If the flag fell, and the Axis lifted their own, the Axis would win. This is exactly what happened, as the Axis were able to rush and destroy the Allied forces, replacing their flag with the flag of the Axis. When the sides were swapped, the Axis were able to successfully defend their flag from Allied attacks.
The Fourth Battle of Berghav was fought in Jonahburg, similarly to the First Battle, right next to Berghav. The battle had seemed to be going in the favor of the Axis initially, though towards the end the Allies had managed to make a comeback. Scott called for the Axis forces to surrender, which led to the split that would eventually form Korpan. Tirrell shot Scott and fled into the woods. Scott formally surrendered to the Allies, and both sides went to find Tirrell. He was eventually caught and tried, before both armies began to disperse.

The Battle of Jonahburg

The first battle of Jonahburg was the final battle between Eresamian, Berghavian, and Allied forces against outnumbered and outgunned Korpanese soldiers. Little is known of it besides that it ended in a decisive Eresamian-Allied victory over the Korpanese forces, and the overthrow of Tirell from power in Korpan. While it officially ended what was called the Summer War, many smaller conflicts would arise due to Tirrell's militant behavior towards the Novemian community.

The Veimar-Berghavian War

In the late winter of 2017, Samuel Tirell founded the Veimar Empire, a militaristic, imperialist nation, and immediately claimed the occupied territories of Berghav as his own land. With no real way to occupy the land physically, the Eresamian forces had to quickly react if they wished to keep their influence there. In February, a Veimar force of around five men launched a full-scale assault on Berghav and Jonahburg, quickly making their way towards the main areas of the Jonahburgian countryside. Berghavian and Eresamian forces reacted quickly, and the two armies battled it out in the woods and villages along the Berghavian-Jonahburgian border. Due to the presence of two new commanders on the Eresamian-Berghavian side, the less-trained Veimar forces were quickly pushed deep into the woods. Some were captured, and the others were forced to surrender. In the second phase of the battle, the Veimar forces captured Eresamian leader Eren Scott. Tirell, who's been known for his torturing of political opponents, ordered Scott to be shot repeatedly in the leg until he surrendered. Sources vary, with some saying he did agree to surrender, while official Eresamian press releases state that Scott remained steadfast, and did not surrender. Either way, a rescue force managed to release Scott from the Veimar prison and send him back onto the battlefield, causing Tirell to flee. In the end, Tirell was captured and forced to surrender the battle to the allied forces. The Veimar Empire collapsed soon after, though sources claim that Tirell plans to form a new nation in order to combat his long-time enemies.

End of the Conflict

The conflict slowly came to an end in the spring of 2017. With the Veimar Empire dissolved, Eresamian forces were able to quickly take up the territories once owned by the Veimar. The conflict never ended officially, though it's accepted that fighting ended around April 2017.