Samuel Tirrell

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President Samuel Tirrell
Official Portrait, 30th October, 2016
President of the Republic of Korpan
Assumed office
30th October, 2016-
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Vice Principal of Eresamia
In office
12th October, 2016-
Predecessor Office established
Successor Vacant
Personal information
Born 31 December 1999 (1999-12-31) (age 21)
United States Flag of the United States.png
Citizenship Korpanese
Political party Student's Party of Eresamia
Residence Tirrell City, Republic of Korpan
Military service
Allegiance KorpanFlag.png Republic of Korpan (Nov 2013 - )
Service/branch Korpanese Army (2016-)
In service 2016 - present
Rank General (30th October, 2016)
Unit 1st TT Infantry

Samuel Tirrell is a micronationalist from Western Massachusetts. He has been most involved in the Novemian nation, Eresamia, and his own nation, Korpan. Tirrell became involved in micronationalism in late 2016, when he learned about it through his school-friend, Eren Lewis. On October 30 he formed the Republic of Korpan, after being kicked out of Eresamia.

Early life

According to the sources available, it is reasonable to believe that Samuel Tirrell was born in 1999, somewhere in Massachusetts, though according to Korpanese Government Propaganda, Tirrell was born in heaven itself. Upon his birth, the Government says there was a triple rainbow. Tirrell was raised in Western Massachusetts, living a simple life. The Korpanese Government claims many surreal things about the General, including that he could drive at the age of five, and he led his first military expedition at the age of seven. These claims have little proof to them and are guessed to be incorrect by outside sources. Tirrell attended middle and high school as most people his age did. The Korpanese Government claimed that Tirrell never got a grade below an A+, despite outside sources claiming that Tirell was held back in the 8th grade due to bad grades. In 8th grade, he swapped over to the same school as his friend, Eren Scott.

Micronational career

In early October 2016, Lewis began to tell Tirrell about micronationalism, showing him many examples of micronations. Tirrell's first involvement in micronationalism was in Eresamia, where he originally served as Vice-Principal to Lewis. After a brief fallout with Lewis, Tirrell founded his own micronation on the 30th of October, 2016, this nation being The Republic of Korpan.