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Republic of Korpan

March of the Korpanese
We either win, or we all die!
CapitalTirrell City
Languages         English
GovernmentPresidential Republic (De-jure)
Military Dictatorship (De-facto)
- Commanding officer of the KNLAHis Excellency, General Eren Scott
- GovernorSean S.
Established30th October, 2016


The Republic of Korpan is a micronation located in Western Massachusetts. It was created by its founder and leader, Samuel Tirrell after being introduced to micronationalism through his friend, Eren Scott. The Republic of Korpan is de-jure a Presidential republic, though it operates officially as a military dictatorship, with all high-ranking Government positions being held by military officials. The population is low, though the military is mostly made of non-citizens. Korpan is de-facto a puppet state of Eresamia.


The name, Korpan, comes from the mind of the leader, Samuel Tirrell, who got it by mixing the names of Korea and Japan, two countries that Korpan is slightly based on.


Korpan was founded on the 30th of October in 2016, when the former Eresamia'n military leader declared his own home an independent nation. Within a few weeks of Korpan's existence, it began rapid military expansion, occupying and annexing several homes in the immediate area, declaring them new provinces. After losing the Summer War to the Eresamians, Korpan was absorbed temporarily as a province of Eresamia. However, days later President Scott released the nation as a puppet state. Though officially the land is claimed by Eresamia, it has been occupied by the Veimar Empire, a state that was formed by Tirrell to combat Eresamian occupation. The Veimar Empire was defeated in combat, however, causing most people in the Novemia region, besides Korpanese citizens, to recognize Eresamian sovereignty over the land.

Government and Politics

Korpan is a de-jure Presidential republic, though basically operates as a military dictatorship. All power is held by high-ranking military officials, with the General of the Army holding the position of President. Any organised opposition to the Government is illegal, as well as freedom of speech, the press, demonstration, and association. There are no legal or unofficial political parties within Korpan, though the Military could be considered a political group. Since the end of the Summer War, Korpan has been controlled by the 'Korpanese National Liberation Army', which governs Korpan as a puppet state.


Korpan is loosely based on Korean and Japanese culture, though there is much influence from the surrounding American culture.