Republic of New Elmhurst

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Republic of New Elmhurst

New Elmhurst September 14th Flag.jpgNew Elmhurst Coat of Arms September 14.png

Defenders of the homeland, peace be to you!
March of the New Elmhurstians
Capital cityLewis City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)De jure: Christianity
De facto: New Elmhurstian Religion
GovernmentMilitary Junta
- President of the JuntaHis Excellency, General Eren Lewis
- Vice President of the JuntaGeneral Joseph Kennedy
LegislatureJunta Command Council
CurrencyElmhurst Dollar (E$)
Time zoneEST
National animalEagle

The Republic of New Elmhurst is a micronation located in North-Western Massachusetts. It is the successor state to the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst.


The Tsardom of New Elmhurst is considered to be the Successor state to the short lived "State of New Elmhurst". It remained an independent state for three years, before being annexed by the Sorrenian Federation.The Tsar abdicated, putting Eren Lewis in power. After a few months, Michael Thomas Brazeau left New Elmhurst. In early autumn, New Elmhurst became a Kingdom, with Joseph Kennedy as King, and Eren Lewis as Governor General.

Union with 9th Grade

On 11 December, Lewis, being leader of New Elmhurst and Absolute Ruler of the 9th Grade, decided to merge the two states, forming the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst and the 9th Grade, shortened to UKNE.

Occupation of Berghav

In late March, Sean, a student that went to the same school as Eren Lewis formed an independent Micronation, the Kingdom of Berghav. Noticing that most of its citizens were also citizens of New Elmhurst, Lewis decided that he would attempt to pull the new state into New Elmhurst. After S. refused unification, Lewis, with the permission of the King, declared war on Berghav. The war was fought completely with boffers, or foam weapons. The New Elmhurstian forces for a majority of the occupation were armed with swords, though spears and axes stolen from the Berghavian forces were used later. The Berghavian forces had swords, axes, and spears. The New Elmhurstian forces defeated and occupied the Berghavians.

Threat of Civil War

In June 2015, dissent against the Government and distaste for King Joseph was growing. With Revolutionary forces reforming in Berghav and a small group of Spiralists organising against the Government, the threat of civil war was close. With summer break, the Spiralists and other internal forces abandoned the idea of Revolution. The Berghavians, however, managed to occupy a large amount of their formal territory, declaring their independence.

Military takeover

In early August, the monarchy was dissolved in favor of a Military Government. The king stepped down and was made Vice President of a new military Junta, led by the President, Eren Scott..


On the 23rd of December, 2015, the Republic of New Elmhurst was dissolved.


New Elmhurst is run by a military dictatorship. The President holds complete control over the entirety of the state, and has an advisory group known as the Junta Command Council. The Junta Command Council is consisted of generals and high ranking officers in the military, with the General of the Army (Currently Eren Scott) leading the Junta as President. The President then chooses a General in the Junta to serve as Vice President of the Junta. The President and Vice President then collaborate to form a cabinet, with different ministers being appointed. The ministers in the government work with the President on different affairs and issues, from the economy, to defense. The President is not an elected official. He is chosen by the Junta if the current President is to resign or step down from the position. While President Scott took power through a military coup, he set the system up afterwords. The Judicial Council is created by the President to handle the courts. The court system is split into different courts. The National Court is led by the President, who serves as Supreme Judge. The different territories then have Territorial Courts, and finally different cities and towns have city and town councils.


Geographic map of mainland New Elmhurst, Red outline being the National border, gold being territorial borders.
Geographic map of Riverside, Red outline being the National border, gold being territorial borders.

New Elmhurst is split into ten territories. Seven of them being located in the mainland, one in Berghav, and the other two in the Riverside territory. Each territory is Governed by a Military Governor who is appointed by the President. The Military Governor appoints a Command Council to help Govern the territory.


Flag Name Population Admittance date Representative Capital
Riverside Flag 1.png Flagfield 0 2015 Harry Fitzpatrick None
Riverside flag 2.png Sandland 0 2015 Ian Sheppard Scott City
Capital Flag.png Capital lands 400 2014 President Scott Lewis City
Corn Flag.png Corlands 0 2014 Joseph Kennedy None
Frisbella flag.png Frisbella 0 2014 Llewelyn Lawton None
Nomalia flag.png Nomalia 0 2014 Donald West None
Uplands Flag.png Uplands 0 2015 Vacant None
Lowlands Flag.png Lowlands 0 2015 Vacant None
The strip flag.png The Strip 0 2015 Vacant None
Red flag.png Berghav 4 2015 Sean S. Berghav City


The Territories of Riverside are mostly unpopulated, as it is more of a tourist location then a living location. The Northmost territory is a field-forest area, with picnick tables scattered across it. Just across the river, renamed 'Scott River' is Sandland, which is a more beach-type landscape, with buildings and the local capital, which is a playground.


The mainland is a diverse location, with the geography ranging from fields, to urban locations, to forests and rivers. It is the biggest populated land, with the Capital lands having 400 students going to the school.


Berghav is a mostly hilly-field forest area, with a orchard located within its borders. It has four citizens, with the former King serving as the Military Governor.