Head of State of New Elmhurst

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JuneNewElmhurstFlag.png Head of State of New Elmhurst JuneNewElmhurstFlag.png
Presidency of New Elmhurst
Above: The Coat of Arms of New Elmhurst
Formed: 1 September 2014
Term length: For Life
Inaugural holder: Eren Scott

The Head of State of New Elmhurst is the highest and most powerful position in the New Elmhurstian Government. It is called the President, and is held by Eren Scott, for life.


The Head of State was originally the Tsar. Michael Brazaeu was the Tsar from its foundation until late summer of 2014, when he abdicated and appointed Eren Scott as Tsar. Lewis forced both the former Tsar, and his Prime Minister to leave after they committed treason. The Tsardom was dissolved into a Kingdom, and Joseph Kennedy was made King. In summer of 2015, the Kingdom was dissolved into a Military junta led by Eren Scott, and he rules as President today.


The President of New Elmhurst holds complete executive, judiciary, and legislative powers in New Elmhurst. He controls all aspects of public and private lives, as well as the economy.

# Name Portrait Term start Term end Party Position
1 Michael Thomas Brazeu Brazeu.png 3 March 2013 30 July 2014 Conservative Party of New Elmhurst Tsar
2 Eren Scott Lewis.jpg 1 September 2014 20 September 2014 Independent Tsar

3 King Joseph Emmanuel I HRH The Grand Duke Joseph.jpg 21 September 2014 1 July 2015 Independent King

4 Eren Scott Uniform.jpg 1 July 2015 Incumbent Military President