United Kingdom of New Elmhurst

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United Kingdom of New Elmhurst and Novemia




God save the King!
March of the New Elmhurstians
Capital cityLewis City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)De jure: Christianity
De facto: New Elmhurstian Religion
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy under a Presidential Dictatorship
- KingHis Majesty, King Joseph I
- President of His Majesty's GovernmentHis Excellency, Eren Lewis
- Prime MinsterVacant
LegislatureNational Assembly
Population13 (Citizens)
300 (Residents)
CurrencyElmhurst Dollar (E$)
Time zoneEST
National animalEagle

The United Kingdom of New Elmhurst is a Dictatorial Micronation located in North America. It was formed in early December 2014, succeeding the former Kingdom of New Elmhurst, a nation founded in 2011, and the Federal Republic of 9th Grade, a Fascist Micronation formed in September 2014. New Elmhurst is located mainly in Western Massachusetts, claiming a school as its main territory.


The Tsardom of New Elmhurst is considered to be the Successor state to the short lived "State of New Elmhurst". It remained an independent state for three years, before being annexed by the Sorrenian Federation.The Tsar abdicated, putting Eren Lewis in power. After a few months, Michael Thomas Brazeau left New Elmhurst. In early autumn, New Elmhurst became a Kingdom, with Joseph Kennedy as King, and Eren Lewis as Governor General.

Union with 9th Grade

On 11 December, Lewis, being leader of New Elmhurst and Absolute Ruler of the 9th Grade, decided to merge the two states, forming the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst and the 9th Grade, shortened to UKNE.

Occupation of Berghav

In late March, Sean, a student that went to the same school as Eren Lewis formed an independent Micronation, the Kingdom of Berghav. Noticing that most of its citizens were also citizens of New Elmhurst, Lewis decided that he would attempt to pull the new state into New Elmhurst. After S. refused unification, Lewis, with the permission of the King, declared war on Berghav. The war was fought completely with boffers, or foam weapons. The New Elmhurstian forces for a majority of the occupation were armed with swords, though spears and axes stolen from the Berghavian forces were used later. The Berghavian forces had swords, axes, and spears. The New Elmhurstian forces defeated and occupied the Berghavians.

Threat of Civil War

In June 2015, dissent against the Government and distaste for King Joseph was growing. With Revolutionary forces reforming in Berghav and a small group of Spiralists organising against the Government, the threat of civil war was close. With summer break, the Spiralists and other internal forces abandoned the idea of Revolution. The Berghavians, however, managed to occupy a large amount of their formal territory, declaring their independence.


New Elmhurst is a Dictatorial Constitutional Monarchy. All power is put into the hands of the President, who serves as Head of Government. As a Constitutional Monarchy, a Monarch serves as a symbolic figurehead. Most Democratic institutions have been abolished, with voting for leaders being abolished. All decisions are in the hands of the President. The Leader holds all Executive, Legislative, and Judicial powers in his hands. Though a National Assembly exists, it is mainly an advisory body to the President. The Parliament is headed by a Prime Minister, who is appointed by the President.


The United Kingdom is a mostly flat land, but is separated into multiple geographic zones. The Mainland, the Fields, and the Forrest. The Mainland is mostly sports fields, with there being roads, small hills, and gardens inside it. The fields consists of multiple cornfields, which are used by the United States for food production. The Forrest is a field full of vegetation, described by citizens as 'A small forest.'.

Foreign Relations

Foreign Relations in the United Kingdom are the responsibility of His Majesties Foreign Affairs Ministry, which is run by the President.

Recognized; no relations

Recognized, with relations


The Military of the United Kingdom serves to defend the Mainland of the country. On some occasions, the military may be mobilized to occupy or annex lands deemed important for the nation. The Military is also used as an important cultural point, with citizens looking to Militarism as an important Ideology of the country.

Typical Uniform and Weaponry

The Military is usually armed with Boffers of all kinds. Occasionally, in Parades or on Spec. Ops. Missions, Airsoft guns are permitted. Uniform consists of any type of pants, and a camouflaged shirt. During Parades, or formal events, formal military attire is required. Medals and awards may be worn during formal events.