Emirate of Wehdah

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The Emirate of Wehdah

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La ilaha il Allah,Muhammad rasūlu-llāh
Arabic: There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah
La ilaha il Allah
Capital city City of New Damascus
Largest city Greenfield
Official language(s) English, Arabic
Official religion(s) Islam
Demonym Wehdahan
Government Islamic Emirate
- Emir Emir Yaqub
Legislature None
Established 10 Sha'ban, 1436
Population 18,000 (Residents)
10 (Citizens)
Currency US Dollar

The Emirate of Wehdah is an Islamic Emirate located in Massachusetts. It is led by Emir Yaqub, who founded the state as the successor to The Khilafah.


Wehdah is an Arabic word, meaning Unity.


The Khilafah was formed out of the Republic of Greenfield, a dictitorial Islamic micronation. Originally the Emirate of Greenfield, Greenfield was an Islamic micronation located in Western Massachusetts, led by Abdur Rahman. In March of 2015, it declared itself a Republic. Abdur Rahman declared himself President.
In late March, Abdur Rahman, along with some members of the Greenfield Government declared a Khilafah, claiming the Greenfield territory. Soon, other Islamic micronationalists joined. The Khilafah was created in an attempt to unite Islamic micronations under one banner. The Government hopes to grow, uniting more Islamic micronations by the end of 2015.
In early May of 2012, The Khilafah was disestablished by its leaders. It was seeded to the United States for a short period before being declared the Emirate of Wehdah by Abdur Rahman, who was named Emir Yaqub. On the 12th of September, the Emirate dissolved into the United States.


The Government of Wehdah is an Islamic Emirate. It is led by the Emir, who holds absolute power. Shariah is the law of Wehdah, with the Qur'an being looked up to as an inspiration for the Government.