Northern Petania offensive

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Northern Petania offensive
Part of Laskaridia-led intervention in the Perimata Conflict

A soldier of the Lakaridian 78th Battalion in Kedah in pursuit of insurgents.
Date8-9 April 2024
5°39'12"N 100°34'00"E[a]
Result Laskaridian and allied victory.
Ezanipet Occupation Zone expanded south.

  • RPR Perimata
  • w:Malaysia Local civilians
  • Commanders and leaders
  • Laskaridia Indera Rafah
  • Laskaridia Issa Yusufah
  • Laskaridia Eldroos Qabar
  • Nikolaus Raytauk
  • Azaad Sarmuk
  • w:Malaysia No organized leadership
  • Units involved
  •  Public Force of Laskaridia
  • RPDF Policemen
  • Gonzalo Brigades
  • w:Malaysia No organized units
  • Strength
  • Laskaridia 19
  • 11
  • 2 civilians
  • Casualties and losses
  • Laskaridia 1 injured
  • 2 injured
  • w:Malaysia 1 injured
  • The Northern Petania offensive was a military operation that took place from 8-9 April, 2024. It was started at 3:55 PM local time after a military ordinance from Colonel Issa Yusufah. The operation included units of the Royal Kedah Regiment and the 11th Military Operations Brigade. The military operation was aimed at destabilizing Marxist holdings south of Ezanipet and Petaniapura.[1]

    The offensive was a part of the larger ongoing Conflict in Perimata, and the Laskaridian intervention phase which was declared on 6 April. Overall, the operation was a success and marked the first major campaign in the intervention, the operation was called successful after Yusufah, and Indera Rafah made a joint communique and a virtual call to George Celenic. Communist flags in the region were torn down and burned following the occupation, and the Ezanipet Occupation Zone’s (controlled by the Sultanate of Perimata) borders were expanded south by 0.5 square miles.


    The operation was strategically planned by an operations room near Fort Srivijaya after the 11th Governor’s Order was signed. The operation was in response to earlier clashes against the Perimatan government perpetrated during the nation’s association to Gapla. Due to the presence of Malaysian law enforcement in the urban village and town areas, Communist insurgents and their associated were forced to make homemade weaponry in the forests. This was a major issue for the Laskaridian patrols near the area, as it gave the insurgents dense jungle cover and security.

    Drone operations were carried out by the Laskaridian authorities near Petaniapura and Srivijaya that captured instances of these weapon depots. They consisted largely of sharp sticks, blunt sticks, AirSoft weaponry, and knives. On 31 March 2024, law enforcement officers of the Royal Peninsular Detainment Forces (RPDF) assaulted and captured a depot of similar type. Laskaridian officers then contacted the Malaysian authorities regarding these depots, but did not receive any serious response, an issue faced by the earlier governments.


    Assault on weapons depots

    On 8 April 2024, the King of Laskaridia, Sean II and V ordered a full offensive into the northern areas of the insurgency, which is south of Petaniapura and Ezanipet. The governor then mobilized forces, it was during the daytime and after studies, so there was no friction in mobilization. The soldiers, as well as some RPDF policemen assembled near Arazam border crossing and launched a march into the territories.

    Map of the region following the offensive

    Their efforts were also assisted by drones who provided reconnaissance effort to the Laskaridian soldiers. The first targets were two weapons depots, one of them was not patrolled and was raided easily. The other was taken after a short assault. The depots were patrolled by 3 men each who stood near the entrances while periodically, soldiers would come to carry weaponry back to Srivijaya Fort.

    Final assaults and surrender


    1. Approximate location, exact source may vary