Nikolaus Raytauk

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Nikolaus Raytauk
President of the RPR Perimata
Assumed office
26 March 2024
Vice PresidentAzad Sarmuk
ConstituencySeri Dordan Province
Personal details
Nikolaus Raytauk
Nationality Malaysia

Nicholas Raytauk (also spelled Nikolaus) is the incumbent chairman of the Pertembri Gonzalo and President of the RPR Perimata. He was born on January 16th 2006. Raytauk is a Malaysian atheist militant who espouses radical ideologies such as communism, Marxism, and Leninism. The Gonzalo Though became especially popular amongst the Malaysian-Perimatan socialists after the nation came under the rule of Abdul Sawar Netak.

Insurgent activities

Raytauk was formerly a member of the early Perimatan congress, when the nation was first forming he held significant roles in the nation’s defense and cultural ministries. He was a socialist, and tried to steer the developing micronation towards leftist ideologies, however the people (through referendum) chose a Sultan to lead them and a Chief Minister to be the head of government.

Raytauk came to battle with Netak over ideological and political ideologies, including the structure of the army, navy and ideology. Raytauk then founded the Perimatan Shining Path Party (PSPP) and aligned himself to other socialists in Perimata. One of them was Azaad Sarmuk (real name unknown), in a royal decree, Raytauk and Sarmuk were exiled from the government, so they began an uprising. The uprising was partially successful and saw the insurgents hide in the jungle areas, with a stronghold in Ezanipet (which was [[Northern Petania offensive|recently recaptured).

Raytauk was one of the most vocal critics during the nation’s short-lived association to Gapla. He formed a broad coalition of communist parties and increased their strict enforcement of communism and created state-sponsored coalitions to push Christianity out of their “Controlled” territories (though this largely failed). When the Kingdom of Laskaridia, the Royal Kedah Company and the Commonwealth entered the war, Raytauk was quick to begin armed action. Later intelligence shows that despite the RKC not having much knowledge of Raytauk and the insurgency, he visited the Fort Srivijaya area many times. Raytauk was one of the main enemy leaders and planned Operation People’s War.