Revolutionary People’s Republic of Perimata

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Revolutionary People's Republic of Perimata
Flag of RPR Perimata
Coat of arms of RPR Perimata
Coat of arms
Motto: "Long live Chairman Gonzalo!"
Anthem: "Lagu Antarabangsa"
and largest city
Ezanipet (claimed)[a]
Common languagesEnglish

The Revolutionary People’s Republic of Perimata (often shortened to RPR Perimata) is an unrecognized breakaway state from the Sultanate of Perimata. It operates in the dense parts of the Malaysian jungle in Kedah.


The RPR Perimata was founded one day after Perimata associated itself to Gapla, according to insurgent websites, the republic was founded as a socialist and strictly atheist alternative to the Roman Catholic-majority in the Sultanate of Perimata. The RPR Perimata has engaged in numerous insurgency operations such as Operation People's War and the Northern Petania offensive (both were defeats for the insurgent armies).