New Thebes

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New Thebes is the capital of The Micronational Empire of Thebes. It was founded on 19 June 2019. It is located in the Province of Cadmea.



Thebes was founded on June 19, 2019, by King Eithan I and Charles Miller. It was named after the Greek city of Thebes, along with the micronation it is within. It was the first city founded within Thebes, and would remain so for several weeks.

The Landing Party

The first expedition to New Thebes actually occurred about a month after its establishment. Most of the leading government, along with expeditionist Kody Ludlow, confirmed their ownership of New Thebes. The first to enter New Thebes was king Eithan I, followed by vizier Charles Miller, then Consul of Citizenship James Miller, followed by Consul of Education and Knowledge Alex Savage, then Consul of Technology Cayden Ludlow, and, finally, Kody Ludlow.


New Thebes encompases most of Cadmea Island. It is a low lying, coastal city. It has a tree in the center. The ground is infertile and rocky. The American coastline on Lake Gaston sits about 500 feet away from New Thebes. The surrounding waters are very shallow.


As of 2020, New Thebes has a population of 10, consisting of 100% of the population of Cadmea. New Thebes makes up about 9% of the population of the entire country.


New Thebes is different from other cities in the fact that the mayor is the king, similar to how the king governs Cadmea. The Mayor is the sole internal government position within New Thebes.

List of Mayors of New Thebes(Kings of Thebes)

Mayor Start of Term End of Term
Eithan I

19 June 2019 19 August 2019
Charles I

19 August 2019 19 February 2020
James I 19 February 2020 19 August 2020
Alexander I 19 August 2020 Incumbent