James I of Garf Nation

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James I, or James Miller, is the former King of Garf Nation and the former king of Thebes. James I has held a record ten positions within Thebes, and twelve positions within all Micronations.

The Founding of Thebes

After Charles Miller and Eithan Ackerman created Thebes, James Miller, brother of Charles Miller, was made the Consul of Law Enforcement. James Miller was the first consul and the first member of Thebes to join other than the two founders. James Miller did not contribute much to nation building during these times.

The Garf Nation

The Founding of Garf

On June 31, 2019, James Miller and the newly made general, Nicholas Gage, declared independence from Thebes as the Garf Nation. Nicholas Gage was declared Nicholas I and declared war on Thebes. A battle instantly broke out, known as the Battle of Becusa. There were no casualties or clear winner. James Miller headed the army. After the battle, peace was called between the two nations. Garf Nation began to grow, adding six members in one day. Over the next few days, however, several members left, until only three remained, Nicholas, James Miller, and Abraham Gage. Abraham Gage joined Thebes and tried to arrest Nicholas I. This single event caused the tension between James Miller and Nicholas I to snap. A schism followed, and Nicholas I abdicated the throne an declared his independence from the Garf Nation as Nicholas I of Sparta. James succeeded the throne as James I.


The Annexation of the Garf Island Chain and Preparations for War

James I scouted the area around Cadmea until he found a large island chain. He based his micronation there in that convenient spot and prepared for Thebes to make the first move so he could finish them off.

The Garf Treaty and the Fall of Garf Nation

On July 9, 2019, James I wrote a treaty and gave it to his brother, Charles Miller, Vizier of Thebes. The treaty detailed the absorption of Garf Nation into Thebes on the premise that it would be its own province, and James I would become a consul. King Eithan I of Thebes officially ended the Garf Nation on July 13, 2019, by signing the treaty. James I became James Miller, Consul of Citizenship.

Various Positions in Thebes

After being Consul of Citizenship for exactly a month, James Miller resigned his position. He was the first Supreme General of the Theban Army for about a day, before resigning from that as well and becoming Governor of Garf. Around this time he was also knighted. James Miller remained governor of Garf for several months.

Climb to Power

James Miller, wishing to climb the political totem pole again, ran unanimously for Consul of Economy. He won, of course, and became the second Consul of Economy. After a social media scandal, Alex Savage, the Vizier of Thebes, had his term ended early by the consuls. James ran for the position of Vizier, and was not expected to win against Cayden Ludlow and Alex Savage, the other two contenders. However, he tied with Alex Savage, and won the tiebreaker. He became the third vizier of Thebes.